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The children who need adopting

The children who need adopting

Some of our children looking for families

The names have been changed, but the profiles below are true stories of children in Buckinghamshire who currently need a loving family.

Sarah (aged 7) and Jessica (aged 5)

Sarah and Jessica are sisters who have lived together since they came into care at the end of 2013.

Sarah is a happy and bubbly child, always laughing and likes a quick cuddle. She enjoys individual attention and can let you know what she likes and what she doesn’t. She is generally well behaved although she can sometimes have tantrums if she isn’t getting things her own way.


Sarah likes exciting activities such as playing on the trampoline, going to the park, feeding the ducks, going for family meals and watching Princess and Pippa Pig

Sarah is very popular at school and has many friends. She is very competitive and likes to win.

Jessica is a loving and happy child; she is calmer and quieter than her sister. She can sometimes get upset by Sarah’s dominant nature but she is learning to be more self-confident, and they enjoy playing together.

Jessica enjoys individual attention from her carers and thrives on this. She likes ‘dressing up’ play, play-dough, going to the park and having stories read to her. She also enjoys nursery rhymes and sing-songs.

Jessica started school last September and has settled well. She likes to play on her own, but she is being encouraged to join in with other children. Jessica is getting help with her fine motor skills (pencil skill) but this is improving. She likes going to school and is making progress. Her favourite food is pizza.

Sam (aged 6)

Sam is an adventurous 6 year old who has been in foster care since September 2011. He loves being outdoors, playing in the sand pit, riding his bike or going to the park. He enjoys imaginative play, pretending to be one of his superheroes.

Sam attends school which he enjoys and is doing really well academically. He is eager to learn and has lots of friends. Sam likes to learn about the world and enjoys having stories read to him.

Sam can be challenging at times and needs adopters who can give him the time and attention he needs, to continue with the nurturing and positive approach that his current foster carers have been able to give him.

Toby (aged 6) and Ian (aged 4)

Toby is a happy and social little boy who has a close and loving bond with his   brother Ian.  The two boys are living with the same foster family at the moment.


Toby enjoys school and various after school clubs, such as football and roller-skating. At school he is said to be above average for reading and he is always inquisitive to learn and take part in classroom activities.  Toby has good friends  both in and outside of the school.  

Toby has a close bond and a trusting relationship with his foster carers, and we are looking to transfer this to his adoptive family. Toby has a condition which effects the heart rhythm and he is currently prescribed beta blockers. It is unclear at this time what further treatment Toby may require, if any.

Ian is a sociable little boy who is described by his carers as a cheeky little chap. Ian is also doing well in school and is meeting most of his targets, but requires a little more support with his concentration as he is more interested in what other children are doing! 

Ian loves to play with his older brother and likes construction games and puzzles . There are no health and development concerns with regards to Ian, however he does sometime need boundaries to be put in place by his carers.

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