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buckscc   @InAylesburyTown I would recommend that your neighbour contacts the team directly so that a replacement pass can be sent. Thanks ^ED
12/02/2016 16:37:04

buckscc   @InAylesburyTown We're aware that small no. bus passes been sent out with wrong date & working to rectify this, apols to those affected ^ED
12/02/2016 15:08:40

buckscc   @MadeInBedlam @BuDs_UK We can share who bidders were, best in an email due to character limit! Pls DM us your email & we can get in touch.
12/02/2016 09:44:51

buckscc   Hi @MadeInBedlam we can't share these details but confirm this was a robust procurement process following European regulations @HightownHA
11/02/2016 08:59:01

buckscc   Hi @MadeInBedlam. Yes,this was awarded following a procurement exercise to preferred providers on the list for Mental Health @HightownHA ^KW
10/02/2016 15:59:11