Term dates and school holidays in Buckinghamshire

This School Year (2016-17)

Spring term 2017
5 January Thursday Starts
13 to 17 February    Half term
31 March  Friday Ends
Summer term 2017
18 April Tuesday Starts
29 May to 2 June   Half term
21 July Friday Ends

Schools will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 1 May 2017.

Recommended in-service training days for teachers:

  • Thursday 1 September 2016
  • Friday 2 September 2016
  • Wednesday 4 January 2017
  • The 2 additional in-service training days will be decided by each school

Transition dates: Tuesday 4 July 2017 and Wednesday 5 July 2017.

Please note:

These term dates apply to community and voluntary controlled schools only; academy schools, voluntary aided and foundation schools are responsible for setting their own dates, even though most schools aim to keep consistencies across the County as far as possible. There may also be variation in way schools are setting their Inset Dates (Training Days) as two are left to the discretion of the schools. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all parents check the terms dates their child's school have published on the school’s own website in case they differ from the above dates.

The transition dates are proposed dates only and individual school’s date(s) may vary, please check individual school’s websites for details. It is strongly suggested that School wishing to offer only one Transition day use the first Tuesday of the Month as their preferred option to ensure consistency across the County.


Download Term dates 

School term dates (PDF) 2016-2017

School term dates (XLS) 2016-2017

School term dates (PDF) 2017-2018

School term dates (XLS) 2017-2018

School term dates (PDF) 2018-2019

School term dates (XLS) 2018-2019

Last updated: 27 February 2017