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FamilyHere are some questions you might want to ask about a group and its staff.

Staff welcome your interest as many are parents themselves.

  • Is the group affiliated to a larger organisation like the Scouts, Guides, Sports Council or Out of School Network?  

  • Is there a named contact within the local authority?

  • Is the group subject to regulation and inspection by an outside body?

  • Is there information available on the groups aims, staff, activities, cost, meeting day(s) and times?
  • Is parental consent sought for outside visits, adventure activities etc?

  • Are Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks carried out?

  • Are staff trained in child protection?

  • Are there enough staff?

  • Is there guidance for staff behaviour?

  • Can you visit the group to meet staff and see activities?

  • Is there a health and safety policy and insurance?

  • Is there a child protection policy?

  • Have you asked other parents about the group and the staff?

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