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Allocation of secondary school places

Allocation of secondary school places

Moving up to secondary school in September 2016

Secondary school offers, for those children due to move up to Year 7 in September 2016, were released on 1 March 2016 - National Offer Day.

If you applied online, you were able to view and respond to the offer that we made via the online portal. In addition, letters were posted to parents who applied online where we were not able to offer at a preferred school, and letters were also sent where parents applied with a paper form.

Whichever way you applied, the deadline to respond to our offer was midnight on 15 March. If you have not yet responded, please contact us immediately.

Later Allocation Rounds and Waiting Lists

The second round of allocations will take place on 29 April. We will contact you on this date if we are able to offer your child a place at a higher preferred school. If we are not able to offer, we will also let you know your child’s waiting list position.

Please refer to Section 3 of the Moving up to Secondary School Guide for lots more important information. The Guide also covers how we manage later allocation rounds (see page 113) and the dates when waiting list position information will be available.

Please be aware, we are unable to release waiting list positions at any time other than the dates given in the Guide. 

Allocation Profile

You will find a link in the 'Downloads' section below to the allocation profile for 1 March. This explains how the places available at all Buckinghamshire secondary schools were offered:

  • where a school has been able to offer a place to all the children that wanted one, we have shown that all applicants were offered.
  • where a school had more (qualified) applicants than there were places available, we have listed the admission rules under which we were able to offer places.

You can find out more information about admission rules in Section 1 of our Moving up to Secondary School Guide, as well as on each school's individual website. You may also find our Policy Hub helpful.

Allocation information for schools in other areas is available from the LA in whose area the school is situated.

Find out more about previous allocations

School transport

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