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Healthy and safe communities

Healthy and safe communities

Did you know that only 25% of the difference in ageing is genetic? The rest is due to environmental factors and personal lifestyle choices.

Health services play an important role in treating people when they are ill but who becomes ill and who stays healthy in the first place is determined by a wide range of influences such as employment, income, living and working environment, supportive social networks and personal skills. Many aspects of local government core business have a large impact on these factors that determine our health.

Our role

Promoting the health and wellbeing of the people in Buckinghamshire is important to us and is central to the services and support we provide such as:

  • Encouraging active lifestyles
  • Education
  • Employment and economic growth
  • Planning for future growth and development
  • Community safety and enforcement
  • Public transport and waste management

What we are doing

We are delivering a wide range of services and initiatives that promote the health of the local population.

We are working in partnership to deliver the Buckinghamshire Healthy Communities Strategy (attached below).  The strategy’s focus is not the development of health care services such as GP practices and dental surgeries, but working to tackle the broader issues that have a major impact on people’s health. This includes work to:

  • reduce deaths from heart disease and stroke 
  • address childhood poverty
  • improve the uptake of welfare benefits
  • support older people through the Age Well in Buckinghamshire project
  • promote walking
  • reduce carbon emissions for all public sector organisations
  • promote physical activity through walking will help to address the rising tide of obesity which  can lead to increased Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Find out about Simply Walk
  • maximise benefit uptake and debt management, particularly important in the current economic climate and can help reduce homelessness by supporting people to pay rents and stay in their own homes
  • reduce Local Authority emissions by 4% to benefit the environment and help combat climate change

Through the Local Area Agreement we are also working towards:

  • tackling anti-social behaviour 
  • increasing adult participation in sport
  • reducing obesity in primary school age children

We have completed a joint needs assessment with the Primary Care Trust to gather information about the current and future needs of the Buckinghamshire population. This will be used to inform the planning of services and to decide how resources should be shared between services.

Leisure centres

Participating Pool Address Web address Pool contact telephone number
Aqua Vale, Swimming & Fitness Centre Park street
HP20 1DX
Everyone Active 0845 2671197
Chalfont Leisure Centre Nicol Road
Chalfont St. Peter
Better (Chalfont Leisure Centre) 01753 887812
Chesham Leisure Centre White Hill
Better (Chesham Leisure Centre) 01494 791779
Chesham Moor Gym and Swim Moor Road
Chesham Moor Fitness 01494 776975
Chiltern Pools Bensheim Way
Chiltern Avenue
Better (the Chiltern Pools) 01494 723969
Stoke Mandeville Stadium Guttmann Road
HP21 9PP
Stoke Mandeville Stadium 01296 484848
Swan Pool & Leisure Centre London Road
MK18 1AE
Everyone Active 0845 2671196
Thame Leisure Centre

Oxford Road

Better (Thame Leisure Centre) 01844 215607