Service Level Agreement (SLA) 2020-2021

5. Occupational Health 20-21

Support Packages will run from 1st September 2020 to 31st March 2021 (7-months) in order to bring billing in line with the school’s fiscal year.  Thereafter Support Packages will be annual and will run from 1st April until 31st March.

This service is delivered by a team of health professionals who specialise in Occupational Health and includes:

  • Access to unlimited occupational health appointments *
  • Pre-employment checks for new starters
  • Access to further specialist health assessments as required
  • Advice regarding adjustments to the working environment
  • Advice on ill health retirement
  • Please note all GP/ Specialist reports incur an additional charge.

*Please note: Non-attendance to referral appointments

We ask all schools and academies to notify the HR Service desk at least 2 working days prior to the referral appointment if a member of staff is unable to attend. All non-attendance will be automatically charged to the school in the first instance.

Due to a global shortage in 2017, the provision of providing vaccines for low risk groups such as schools was placed on hold in line with guidance from Public Health England.

Following a recent review, the provision of Hepatitis B vaccinations is due to be available from late summer 2019. This service is no longer included as part of the Occupational Health Package, instead will be available on an ADHOC basis based on the pricing model below.




Price (Pay as used)

HEP B Serology Antibody

Blood Test - OHT


HEP B Vaccinations

Vaccination - OHN


HEP B Clinic (Full day)



Academies have the opportunity to buy into a confidential support service for employees delivered by Experienced, professional advisors. The service offers support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on issues including:

  • advice on discrimination, bullying or harassment on the basis of any protected characteristic (age, disability, race, gender, marital status, religion or belief, caste, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy & maternity, marriage & civil partnership)
  • Emotional Support with Relationship and family issues or worries
  • Loss, including loss of a job, friend or family member through bereavement
  • Financial concerns, budgeting, borrowing or tax credits

Customer type


7 Months (2020-2021)

All Schools

Annual Occupational Health

£7.29 per employee

All Academies

Annual Occupational Health

£8.46 per employee + VAT

All Academies

Annual Employee Assistant Programme

£2.92 per employee + VAT

BCC responsibilities

Buckinghamshire County Council will:

  • Register employee details on the OH system (name; DOB; Address; Contact Details; Academy name; Role)
  • Send off Referral form to Occupational Health provider (PAM)
  • Contact Head Teacher or appointed Officer via email re date of appointment
  • If an appointment needs to be changed, liaise with PAM to reschedule and send a notification to the Head Teacher or appointed Officer
  • PAM will update employee via text service
  • Take receipt of the Occupational Health report
  • Forward Occupational Health report to the Head Teacher or appointed Officer


School/Academy responsibilities

The School/Academy will:

  • Complete referral form with details of absence
  • Forward completed referral form to HR
  • Take receipt of Occupational Health report
  • Act on Occupational Health report
  • Notify the HR Service Desk if the employee is unable to attend at least 2 working days before the scheduled time.

HR Occupational Health and Employee Assistance 2020-21


Service Description


Acknowledging a Supportworks call For Occupational Health

Calls received via the HR Service Desk (

 Acknowledged within 24 hours of the query being received.

Occupational Health

Referral Process

Each individual Pre-appointment check completed on-line

Turnaround as a minimum in 1 working day from submission.

Pre-appointment checks:  face to face

Appointment held within 5 working days

Pre-appointment checks results

Reported within 2 working days

Referral appointment: Telephone Consultation with a Nurse

Appointment held within 5 working days

Referral appointment: Telephone Consultation with a Physician

Appointment held within 5 working days

Referrals appointment: Face to Face with a Nurse or Physician (including any preliminary consultation e.g. by telephone)

Appointments held within 10 working days

Requests for further Medical Evidence from third party specialists (GP, Specialist, Occupational Therapist etc.)

Issued within 48hours.

Issue report based on third party specialist assessments

Within 5 working days from receipt of third party assessments

Acknowledgement of complaint

Within 2 working days

Complaint resolution

Within 20 working days

Employee Assistance Programme

Call Waiting Times

Call answered within 5 rings

Call Abandonment rate

Less than 5%

Face to Face counselling sessions

Seen within 1 week of referral

Acknowledgement of Complaint

Within 2 working days

Complaint Resolution

Within 10 working days

Email Response to Enquiries

Within 2 working days

Regular customer feedback is sought to review the level of service that has been received. There are opportunities for you to provide us with feedback through the online survey from the Service Desk, as well as through the Support Services Forums. We can also arrange meetings with key contacts within the service area where an issue requires further discussion; please contact the Human Resources Service Desk to arrange such an account management meeting.

We will always aim to resolve any issues that might arise regarding service delivery. Please contact the Service Desk initially or the appropriate escalation contact as listed below. In the unlikely event that a dispute cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, you would need to raise a formal complaint.

All complaints are taken seriously and the Council will work with you to try to resolve your complaint to a satisfactory conclusion.



Immediate escalation


If you are not satisfied with the response you have received following the normal support process


(outside formal BCC complaints process)

Contact the Commercial Team at and provide details of your concerns and any supporting material.


Alternatively, you can liaise with a Manager directly via their contact email addresses below:


Lee Pound

Head of HR Operations


Rukminder Makin

Business Development Manager


The formal Bucks CC complaint escalation process

The Council’s Customer Complaints and Information Team (CCIT). CCIT will acknowledge the complaint within 10 days of receipt.


The CCIT will then contact the Human Resources Service Director with a request for information/investigation.


The CCIT will respond within 28 days.





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Last updated: 28 February 2020

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