Service Level Agreement (SLA) 2020-2021

1. Employee Relations 20-21

Support Packages will run from 1st September 2020 to 31st March 2021 (7-months) in order to bring billing in line with the school’s fiscal year.  Thereafter Support Packages will be annual and will run from 1st April until 31st March.

The Employee Relations Core Package offers an unlimited service to the following:

  • First line support from our team of experts on the HR Service Desk by phone and email.
  • 24/7 access to all employment policies, guides and manager toolkits related to teachers and to employees on Bucks Pay via the SchoolsWeb.
  • Expert HR support in person at hearings where dismissal could be an outcome.
  • Tailored telephone advice and guidance on all employee relations matters. The provision of a dedicated caseworker to support customers on a one to one basis on all on-going employee relations cases.
  • Support, advice and guidance on all of the following employee relation issues:
    • Discipline
    • Capability
    • Grievance
    • Managing attendance
    • Reasonable adjustments
    • Managing Change
    • TUPE
    • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Access to specialist occupational health services (Subject to a subscription to the Occupation Health Package).
  • Free attendance for one delegate per school to attend a one day or two half-day training workshop on ER Policies for Head Teachers and members of the senior leadership team delivered by the Employee Relations Advisory Team.
  • Notification of changes to teachers’ terms and conditions, Bucks Pay terms and conditions and on employment policy changes.
  • Communication and guidance on national developments e.g. industrial action, consultation on teachers’ terms and conditions.
  • Quality checking of formal documentation related to Employee Relations issues.
  • Family-friendly policies guidance (Maternity, Paternity, Flexible working etc.)
  • Job evaluations (5 included in your core package per year).


Prices for 2020-2021

Core Package


£24.50 per employee for 7 months

Consultancy Package

(Pay as you go)





Independent Investigation Officers

External provider


£650 per day

Attendance at Work Force Planning meetings


Advice to support Governor Meetings


Bespoke Training on HR policies

Full day: £300* per delegate

Half day: £150* per delegate


*This is a guide price that may change based on the specifics of the training course you have requested

Job Evaluations(JE)

£175 per JE



Advice and support on settlement agreements


Advice  and support on the ACAS process


Advice and support on Employment Tribunals


VAT will be charged to those who are not Maintained by the Local Authority.

On occasion where special legal advice is required, the Employee Relations team will advise any additional charges.

Formal and Informal core management workshops

(Both courses free for one delegate when academy purchase full Employee Relations Core package)

These workshops support senior managers to fully understand the principles of general HR procedures and give practical advice on real life situations and ‘best practice’ ideas on how to maximise the benefits of following HR policies within the workplace to help managers resolve ‘people issues’ quickly and effectively.  Ideally the same delegate should attend both Workshops to maximise the benefits of these Workshops.   

Duration: 2 x 2 hour sessions

£99 per workshop


Difficult conversations workshops

This Workshop will provide you with practical advice and guidance to help you to stay in control of whatever situation comes your way as a line manager. Guidance on overcoming any reluctance or inexperience in dealing with emotional or difficult performance and conduct issues and minimising the risk of employees working less effectively, going sick or submitting a grievance.  Get it right and you can improve levels of performance, attendance and employee engagement.

Duration: 2 hours

£99 per workshop


Employee engagement workshop

This Workshop considers what employee engagement is, and its importance in the workplace.  It provides practical advice and guidance on how to identify opportunities to increase employee engagement and loyalty within your Schools, and will provide you with tools to help measure and monitor engagement level.

Duration: 2 hours

£99 per workshop


Mediation Service

An ACAS accredited mediator will facilitate an agreement between disputing parties in this case between the school and an employee or between two or more employees. This is an interests-based, non-adversarial process for resolving disputes through dialogue. The mediator will facilitate a conversation between the parties that are in dispute, with a view to helping them reach a satisfactory outcome. Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that it is good practice for employers to use to resolve workplace disputes.

The service is offered at £85 per hour.

Please email the Employee Relations team through to find out more.

Bucks County Council responsibilities

We will provide you with:

  • a professional ER Advisory Service to our customers;
  • advice on appropriate people management strategies that are relevant to specific queries and/or cases;
  • the advice in a timely and appropriate manner either via the telephone, email or face to face (dependent on the specific situation/availability);
  • quality checking of formal letters, reports and any other relevant documents;
  • information to highlight any appropriate risks to customers when managing specific people management situations and/or cases.

    In addition, we will:

  • Adhere to the set timeframes in terms of acknowledging a customer’s query;
  • Adhere to the set timeframes in terms of assigning a case to a HR professional.


School responsibilities

You will need to:

  • ensure all relevant information is supplied to the HR professional to ensure the advice; offered accurately reflects the situation and/or case;
  • adhere to your own responsibilities within the identified process charts assigned to this agreement (i.e. conduct and discipline, capability, reorganisation etc.);
  • acknowledge that the service offered by the Employee Relations Advisory Team is that of an advisory nature;
  • recognise the set timeframes in terms of the set response times;
  • raise any concerns around the service you are receiving as soon as the concern arises;
  • where possible give appropriate notice on seeking support from the service both in terms of advice and in terms of requested attendance at formal proceedings and meetings. By giving appropriate notice it will enable the Employee Relations Advisory Team to source the right level of support required. Where possible reasonable notice should be given to the Employee Relations Advisory Team to ensure realistic timeframes are set.


Changes to Services

  • Bucks County Council reserve the right to amend service offerings as described in the brochure. These amendments will only be addressed in the event circumstances force changes to how we deliver our service going forward.
  • Bucks County Council commits to providing sufficient notice, transition period and an effective date to any new arrangements that may be required. We will keep you informed and will be happy to discuss such changes and affects accordingly.

Measuring Performance

We currently gauge the performance levels of services by reporting on relevant KPI’s stated within the Service Descriptors, available to customers on a per request basis. Customer feedback is the most valuable source to BCC in driving consistent service improvement. Please see our below methods and communication in the table below.

Employment Relations Advisory Services 2020-21


Service Description


Acknowledging a Supportworks call that comes into ERA

Call transferred to the Employee Relations Advisory Team before 11am.

We will aim to acknowledge calls on the same working day.

Call transferred to the Employee Relations Advisory Team after 11am.

We will aim to acknowledge calls within 24 hours of the query being received by team.

Assigning a case that comes through Supportworks to ERA

High priority employee relations cases (safeguarding, serious misconduct, formal capability, whistleblowing, bullying and harassment, settlement agreements, employment tribunal claims).

We will aim to assign to a caseworker high priority cases that have been referred to the Employee Relations Advisory Team on the same day as the query being acknowledged.

*Applies within the Council’s operational working hours.

Employment Relations Core Package

Tailored telephone advice and guidance on all employment relations matters including: conduct and discipline; capability; grievance and harassment; performance management; managing attendance and ill health; restructuring and redundancies; outsourcing and TUPE.

We will aim to provide initial telephone advice within 1 working day.


We will aim to provide email advice within 2 working days.


*Follow ups in line with the general performance standards.

We will always aim to resolve any issues that might arise regarding service delivery. Please contact the Service Desk initially or the appropriate escalation contact as listed below. In the unlikely event that a dispute cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, you would need to raise a formal complaint.

All complaints are taken seriously and the Council will work with you to try to resolve your complaint to a satisfactory conclusion.



Immediate escalation (outside formal BCC complaints process)

Contact the Business Development Team at and provide details of your concerns and any supporting material.


Alternatively, you can liaise with a Manager directly via their contact email addresses below:


HR Service Desk


Phone: 01296 382233


Head of HR Consultancy

Carly Evans



Employee Relations Manager

Ella Palmer



Business Development Manager

Caroline Wheller



Immediate escalation (formal BCC escalation process)

The Council’s Customer Complaints and Information Team (CCIT). CCIT will acknowledge the complaint within 10 days of receipt.


The CCIT will then contact the Service Director with a request for information/investigation.


The CCIT will respond within 28 days.




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Last updated: 6 April 2021

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