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Waste Permit Scheme

3. Types of waste permits

Vehicle permit

Householders can take their own waste to a Household Recycling Centre, using a commercial vehicle. There is no specific restriction on waste brought in on this permit, but site rules and the Waste Acceptance and Access Policy must be followed at all times.

Valid for 31 days (up to 90 days on renewal). This permit is available to charities.


We can only accept small amounts of asbestos from householders.  Charges apply for the disposal of non-household asbestos.

The maximum amount accepted in any visit is three normal sized bin-liner bags or four sheets of approx 2m by 1m. This material needs to be double wrapped in bags and sealed with tape so that no dust can escape.

Valid for 3 visits during 12 months. This permit is not available to charities

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Last updated: 13 May 2019

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