Waste permits

1. Waste permits

You don't need a permit for household waste if you are driving a private car with up to 7 seats. However, you will need a permit if you are:

  • getting rid of asbestos 
  • on foot
  • using any vehicle with a trailer larger than 1.2m x 0.9m
  • using a commercial vehicle
    • van
    • pick up
    • minibus (with 8-11 seats)
    • flat back or similar, which have no more than 4 wheels

Please see the HRC Access Criteria section for information on banned vehicles.

If you need a permit, you must apply before visiting the Household Recycling Centre.

All permits are free to Buckinghamshire (and Tring and Slough) residents. 

If you have waste from a business, please visit the Commercial Waste pages.

One permit per household.

Download our visual guide to waste permit requirements

Hertfordshire residents

Residents from the Tring and West of Tring area can use Buckinghamshire's Aston Clinton Household Recycling Centre

You must obtain a permit if:

  • you are coming in a commercial vehicle
  • you are coming in a car with a large trailer
  • you are bringing asbestos waste

Slough residents

Residents from the Slough area can use Buckinghamshire's Burnham and Langley Household Recycling Centres.

You must obtain a permit if:

  • you are coming in a commercial vehicle
  • you are coming in a car with a large trailer
  • you are bringing asbestos waste

Trailer limits

All sizes (up to a maximum of 2.4m x 1.8m) excluding drawbar and no higher than 60cm with a cover.

Trailers up to 1.8m x 1.2m are accepted at all sites. 

Larger trailers (up to 2.4m x 1.8m) are accepted at Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield and High Heavens sites only.  

2. Permit types


Householders can make one trip to dispose of up to 6 items of DIY waste into one Household Recycling Centre during one visit.

DIY items may include:

  • A bath
  • A door
  • A kitchen unit
  • A sack (up to 100 litres volume) of soil / rubble / tiles / other DIY waste

Valid for one visit within 31 days. This permit is not available to charities.

General household

Householders can take non-recyclable household waste (e.g. mattress, carpet, small amounts of excess waste) to a Household Recycling Centre.

Valid for 31 days (up to 90 days on renewal). This permit is available to charities.


Householders can take recyclable waste such as cardboard, paper, compostable garden waste or electrical items to a Household Recycling Centre.

Valid for 31 days (up to 90 days on renewal). This permit is available to charities.


We can only accept small amounts of asbestos from householders.

The maximum amount accepted in any visit is three normal sized bin-liner bags or four sheets of approx 8ft by 3ft. This material needs to be double wrapped in bags and sealed with tape so that no dust can escape.

Valid for 3 visits during 12 months. This permit is not available to charities

3. Charity and not-for-profit organisations

Before applying for an e-permit or accessing a Household Recycling Centre, all charities need to contact the Environment Agency (EA). They must complete a WMC2 form to gain a waste carrier licence (or exemption).

Charity/charities also includes other voluntary/non-registered/not-for-profit organisations such as Churches, Youth Clubs and Town & Parish Councils.

You can view registration requirements online (via gov.uk) or by calling 08708 506 506. This will enable the EA to decide if it is appropriate to issue an exemption certificate. Once these details have been verified, please request a waste permit, providing this information.

Charity permits will only be issued to addresses in Buckinghamshire. Changes of address will require re-registration. Charities must show their waste carriers licence or exemption (as applicable) when disposing of waste at BCC HRCs.

Charities can only use the General Household and Recyclable e-permits and their restrictions.

List of items charities cannot dispose of:

  • DIY
  • asbestos
  • hazardous waste (e.g. air conditioning units, lead acid (vehicle) batteries)
  • chemicals
  • commercial fridges/freezers
  • computer monitors
  • fluorescent tube lights
  • gas bottles
  • oil
  • TVs and tyres

Charities are permitted to visit our recycling centres Monday to Friday only.



4. Apply for a waste permit

You need a permit if you are:

  • using a commercial vehicle
  • using any vehicle with a trailer larger than 1.2m x 0.9m
  • disposing of asbestos 
  • on foot

The vehicle must have no more than four wheels and must not be fitted with a mechanical tipping device or tail-lift. Please visit our Access and site restrictions page for more information. 

Any waste being deposited must be from your own dwelling and generated from the address used in this application. It may not have been produced or collected by way of trade or business.

You will need an email address to apply for a permit. One permit per household.


  • All permits are now e-permits, which are faster and more efficient.
  • If you wish to apply for an e-permit you must create an account.
  • After which, you will be able to apply for subsequent e-permits by logging onto your waste permit account and requesting the relevant e-permit.

E-permits will be sent electronically in the form of an email containing a QR code. This QR code must be presented to HRC site staff (either in electronic or paper format) for validation before depositing waste.

Users will be refused entry to site without a valid e-permit.