COVID-19 Waste Guidance

Due to the developing situation and latest advice regarding COVID-19,  waste services are currently operating with a reduced number of staff. We are working hard to minimise any disruption and will prioritise refuse collections, food waste collections and clinical waste collections. 

All Household Recycling Centres are closed until further notice.

Government advice is that we should 'only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work' 

The safety of customers and staff is very important, therefore in accordance with current government Coronavirus guidelines of avoiding non-essential contact and preventing a risk of infection to others, the sites will be closed. It is essential that we do all we can to slow down the spread of the virus.  

Much of the waste that goes through the Recycling Centres is bulky waste (large items such as furniture, wood and metals) and garden waste.  People should hold onto these items until the sites reopen. Do not put any electrical items in any of your bins at home.

During this time, we ask residents to act responsibly and not place items such as DIY waste, or recycling into their kerbside general rubbish collection. This will take up space in the collection vehicles needed for general household rubbish.

District, Town and Parish Councils

Some Councils carry out activities like fly-tipping clearances or litter bin emptying and use the Household Recycling Centres to deposit their waste. Those Councils will be able to continue to use three Household Recycling Centres (Aston Clinton, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe), Monday to Friday. Councils staff must have the Waste Permit to show staff on arrival.

What to do with garden waste?

Garden waste collections are suspended across the County. If you have garden waste to get rid of, you can always try home composting. It’s a great alternative and there are many ways to get started. 

There is also an offer on subsidised compost bins for Buckinghamshire residents, visit for more information.

What to do with recycling?

If recycling collections are suspended we would ask residents to store their recycling until the next collection. To make storing recycling easier, residents should rinse and dry their recycling before storing it. Plastic bottles and cans can be squashed and cardboard flattened to fit more in recycling bins. 

Will my general rubbish still be collected?

General rubbish, food waste and clinical waste collections will always be a priority. So we ask that residents carry on putting your general rubbish bin out on your usual collection day. Please do not put garden waste, recycling or other items in this bin as this will increase the strain on already stretched service.

Will a private company take my waste? 

It is likely that private waste companies are experiencing the same issues with staff absence as the Council. If you use a private company or contractor to dispose of your waste, please keep a safe distance apart from other people and ensure they will dispose of your waste responsibly.

Is my waste infectious?

Only personal waste like tissues, and cleaning waste like disposable cloths is thought to pose a risk.

When cleaning you should use your usual household products, like detergent and bleach as these will be very effective at getting rid of the virus on surfaces. Clean frequently touched surfaces.

Personal waste (such as used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags. These bags should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste within your home and not in communal areas. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external household bin.

Other household waste and recycling can be disposed of as normal.

If storage for at least 72 hours is not appropriate, contact your district council; they will supply you with orange clinical waste bags for you to place your bags into so the waste can be sent for appropriate treatment.

Clinical waste collection in your area

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