Charges for non-household waste

By law, we must accept day-to-day household waste free of charge, for example garden waste, electricals, and paper. These types of waste make up around 80% of waste brought to household recycling centres and will remain free of charge.

Other waste, such as landscaping, construction, or demolition waste is classed as 'non-household waste' and is expensive for us to dispose of. We are allowed by law to charge for these items to offset the cost of disposal.

Traders and businesses should still use the existing commercial waste service.


How much will it cost?

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Part bags will be charged as per whole. Other construction & demolition items may be liable to be charged at a similar rate as stated in the table, in line with current legislation. All charges are inclusive of VAT.


How can I pay?

Before unloading your waste, please see a member of site staff who will work out how much you need to pay. Payments will be accepted via credit, debit, or pre-paid payment card only. 

Cash payments will not be accepted.


What waste can be charged for? 

Chargeable waste is non-household waste items, which are set out in UK Environmental Law.

As a general rule, non-household waste items are materials created from the construction, demolition, alteration or repair of a home or garden. Any amount of non-household waste can be charged for, please use the price list above.


What waste will remain free to dispose of?

At least 75% of the waste brought to sites remains free. You are still be able to dispose of all household waste free of charge at any of the county's Household Recycling Centres. The guide below shows general categories of waste, to find out whether a specific item is chargeable, please refer to the price list.

Why am I being charged?

Non-household waste is expensive for us to dispose of and we are not obliged to provide residents with a disposal site for non-household waste.

We recognise that many householders carry out small projects from time to time. By applying a small charge this allows us to continue accepting these types of non-household waste.


Other ways to dispose of non-household waste

Despite the changes, residents can still bring the same types of waste to a recycling centre as they could before, but some will now incur a charge.

Many people only bring materials that do not have charges, so they should be able to use the sites unaffected. However, some alternatives are listed below. Ensure you use the SCRAP code to make sure your waste is dealt with properly.

Sell/donate items

Many items of waste, like bathroom suites or sheds have still got a value. They could be sold via online sites like Ebay, Facebook Marketplace or Freegle where the items can be posted for free.

Hire a skip

There are many sizes and varieties of skip and bag services available to hire. The charges for non-household waste in Buckinghamshire are relatively low, but can add up when doing a large project, so a skip hire maybe cheaper.

Ensure your waste will be disposed of correctly by following the SCRAP code.

Pay a contractor to dispose of your waste

Lots of non-household waste is created when carrying out home improvement projects.

Residents can ask the contractor working on their home to take away the waste with them. This may incur a charge, but may be less expensive than visiting the Household Recycling Centre.

Ensure the contractor will dispose of the waste correctly and follow the SCRAP code.


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