The need for a biowaste transfer station

What is the High Heavens Waste Complex?

An integral part of the waste management & recycling infrastructure for Buckinghamshire, the complex has three main parts:

  1. Household Recycling Centre for local residents to bring their recyclable, garden, and bulky waste.
  2. A transfer station for residual / black bag waste, before it is transported to Greatmoor EfW facility.
  3. Open air transfer activities for garden waste and bulky materials, and an existing small building being used for food waste transfer.

The bulky waste material is shredded and then transported for onward processing. The food and green waste is transported for onward processing in the form it arrives in.

These are the facilities and activities we are proposing to improve and are the focus of this consultation.

Using waste transfer activities reduces the number of vehicles transporting waste around the county, reducing overall transport emissions, and making Buckinghamshire’s recycling system even more environmentally friendly.

Current activities

At present, garden and bulky waste handling operations take place in the open, on concrete hardstanding. The food transfer operations take place in an existing building. 

Garden Waste: 31,000 tonnes per year is shredded and transferred to a number of sites but mainly Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire, where it is turned into quality compost.

Food Waste: 10,000 tonnes per year, transferred to the Severn Trent Anaerobic Digestion Facility at Wallingford, Oxon, where it is recycled producing a biogas, used to generate electricity, and a high quality fertiliser.

Bulky Waste: 21,000 tonnes per year (e.g. sofas, mattresses, wood) is shredded and transported, via the residual waste transfer station, to Greatmoor Energy from Waste facility in Aylesbury Vale.

Fly-Tipped Waste: 2,000 tonnes per year processed for disposal.

Why do we need a new Waste Transfer Station?

If constructed, it will enable the Council, as the Waste Disposal Authority, to bring existing operations indoors and minimise the impacts of waste handling activities on neighbouring areas. This requirement will still be necessary when the Unitary authority commences in 2020.

  1. The current infrastructure was not purpose built for the food, green and bulky waste activities that take place on and in them. The areas have now degraded beyond the point of economical repair. Buckinghamshire County Council needs suitable long-term infrastructure to replace it.
  2. The proposed facility will have modern ventilation and drainage systems to minimise any nuisance from odour, vermin and leachate formation.
  3. The new facility will help provide a healthier and safer environment for site staff and visitors.
  4. The design will allow for all depositing and loading manoeuvres to take place within the building.
  5. Modernising now will ensure that the Council continues to comply with current and emerging legislation.


Where exactly is the High Heavens Waste Complex?

High Heavens Waste Complex is on Clay Lane, Booker, SL7 3DJ

GPS: 51.604995, -0.796208

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