Report fly-tipping

1. Report fly-tipping

On average more than one fly-tipper is caught and convicted every week in Buckinghamshire. We work hard to prosecute any cases of fly-tipping, but we need evidence to be successful.

If you see someone dumping waste please write down and report their vehicle registration number to us.

If possible we will prosecute cases of fly-tipping, because this robust stance helps deter future dumping.

Find out about the campaign to S.C.R.A.P. fly-tipping in Bucks.

What to do if you see any fly-tipping

Private land

If you see fly tipping on private land, you must report this to the land owner. Please contact the Land Registry to find out who owns the land.

Public Roads and Footpaths

If you see any dumped waste please tell us as soon as possible.

We try to investigate every report and work closely with our partners at the District Councils and Transport for Buckinghamshire who have a responsibility to ensure it is removed.

All information is useful so please record as much as you can, including:

  • location
  • type of waste

Report fly-tipping  



2. Using a trader to remove household waste

If someone takes some of your waste away, whether from building work, gardening or just general household rubbish, you need to make sure they will deal with the waste responsibly.

All householders have a duty of care for their waste and must do all that is reasonable to ensure that the waste carrier is properly authorised to take the waste away.  This could be checking a company’s carrier certificate or checking their waste carrier registration with the Environment Agency.

Sometimes even registered waste carriers may dump waste illegally, so we would always recommend taking down (and keeping safe) the registration number of the vehicle and making sure any payment is recorded, such as using credit/debit cards or cheques.  Cash payment may seem cheap and convenient at the time, but it also allows the waste carrier a greater anonymity.

The Waste Partnership’s policy is to back the householder as a potential witness where we find their waste dumped illegally, but if your waste is found fly-tipped and you haven't checked the carrier's credentials, you could be fined up to £5,000. 

Find out about the campaign to S.C.R.A.P. fly tipping in Bucks.

3. Businesses managing their waste

Every business across the UK that produces waste has the responsibility to manage it properly. Environmental regulations state that every establishment or business that produces waste, no matter where it is based, has the responsibility for managing it properly.

If you do not do so, for whatever reason, your establishment or business is at risk of prosecution with the possibility of a fine if found guilty in court.

Find out about the campaign to S.C.R.A.P. fly tipping in Bucks.

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