Greatmoor energy from waste facility

The facility at Greatmoor, near Calvert in the north of Buckinghamshire, opened in June 2016. It is operated by FCC Environment for Buckinghamshire County Council on a 30-year contract.  

This view looks east, with the railway line left to right through behind the facility.

A view of the facility showing the railway line behind

The cladding shows the three tone green shades clearly with the curved frames running above. 

Viewing from left to right can be seen:

  • the air-cooled condenser fans
  • the flue gas treatment plant
  • the chimney now erected at the right hand end of this building
  • to the right of the chimney is the boiler house where the waste is burnt and energy recovery occurs
  • next is the waste bunker and offices
  • the workshop and waste reception building, at the far right of the facility. 

The following picture is from above the facility.

aerial view of the facality

The below photo shows the north side of the facility. 

photo of the north side of the facility showing the roads around it

This shot shows the grassed mount to the east of the facility, the construction compound and the Calvert landfill site to the west.

Aerial view of the east of the facility, with the Calvert landfill site to the west

This is the waste grab and feed chute. 

photo of the waste grab at the site

This is a view of waste burning on the grate. 

photo of the waste burning

New access road

The new road opened in July 2014, taking traffic from the A41 to the facility and diverting it away from local villages. The road includes a new roundabout near the Woodham industrial site. 

aerial photo of the new access road

The photo shows the roundabout in the foreground and the new road heading off into the distance (top right), before swinging round to the west (left) to the site.

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