Energy from waste

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In April 2013 Buckinghamshire County Council signed a contract with FCC Environment to build and operate an Energy from Waste (EfW) plant at Greatmoor in north Buckinghamshire. The contract is worth £275 million and will save Buckinghamshire taxpayers over £150 million over its 30-year life.

The Greatmoor EfW plant receives waste direct from the Aylesbury Vale district, and via the High Heavens Waste Transfer Station from the south of the county. The High Heavens transfer station, in High Wycombe, became fully operational in late 2015. It is used to bulk the waste for transfer to Greatmoor, minimising waste vehicle movements through Buckinghamshire.

The Greatmoor EfW infographic gives a good overview of the build, running and key facts of the facility.  To find out more about the EfW contract, including project documents, go to the contract procurement page.



Greatmoor generated its first electricity in January 2016, and its formal completion and handover took place in June 2016, with the official opening that October. The plant, which provides around 40 permanent jobs, has the capacity to generate 23 megawatts of electricity. This is enough to power up to 40,000 homes and it delivers a significant carbon benefit as compared to previous landfill operations.

The plant was a long time in the planning, entailing a complex, thorough and robust procurement process that started in 2007. With FCC Environment being awarded the contract in July 2012 and the terms finally agreed in April 2013. The site at Greatmoor received planning approval in April 2012, which was then confirmed by the Court of Appeal in July 2013.


Savings from landfill

Despite having a recycling rate of 57% in 2014/15 - well above the national average - Buckinghamshire still paid around £11 million in that year to dispose of waste to landfill. Now that Greatmoor is in operation, the substantial savings made can be used instead to help protect the services we provide to Bucks residents.


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