Centres for commercial waste

2. Trade waste charges

Trade waste is charged by weight.

Cost for general waste

Weight Exc VAT Inc VAT
up to 250 Kilos £46.56 £55.87
251 to 600 Kilos £84.06 £100.87
over 600 Kilos £140.10 per tonne £168.12 per tonne


Cost for clean mixed recyclables

Weight Exc VAT Inc VAT
up to 250 Kilos £35 £42
251-750 kilos £64 £76.80
Over 750 kilos £86 per tonne £103.20 per tonne


Cost for clean green waste

Weight Exc VAT Inc VAT
up to 250 Kilos £29.70 £35.64
251-750 kilos £55.50 £66.60
Over 750 kilos £74 per tonne £88.80 per tonne

We accept non-commercial fridge/freezers for £25 excluding VAT each (£30 including VAT).

We only accept debit/credit cards or business cheques - no cash can be accepted. 

Traders need to provide a valid Waste Carriers License/Exemption letter and a completed waste transfer note every visit. These are issued by the Environment Agency, call 08708 506 506 (ask for Authorisation department). If you are carrying waste and are not registered with the Environment Agency, you may be prosecuted and fined.

These sites accept commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes.

3. Types of trade waste

Trade waste includes all waste generated by the following kinds of organisations (but not exclusively):

  • Any kind of business or profit-making organisation (including trading arms of charities)
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Colleges
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Hospitals
  • A business activity being undertaken from a residential home

These items are not accepted from trade:

  • air conditioning units
  • asbestos
  • batteries
  • chemicals
  • commercial fridge/freezers
  • computer monitors
  • fluorescent tube lights
  • gas bottles
  • oil
  • televisions and tyres

4. Commercial vehicles

If you want to take your personal household waste in a commercial vehicle, you need a permit. To obtain a permit, complete the online waste permit form. If you are carrying waste for someone else then it is trade waste.

The collection and disposal of commercial waste is not included in the council tax or the unified business rate and is, therefore, a chargeable service. If it is commercial or trade waste it should go through a trade facility (such as one of our five trade sites) and pay a fee for disposal.


5. Waste Carrier Licence

The Environment Agency (EA) is the licencing and enforcing body for waste management. The agency provide Waste Carrier Licensing. To contact their helpline call, 0870 8506506.

You should only give your waste to a licensed person or to a Waste Manager who is authorized to accept the waste. You should ask to see a company's waste carrier registration or contact the Environment Agency for an instant Waste Carrier Validation check.