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Bledlow Household Recycling Centre closure

Bledlow Household Recycling centre will permanently close at 4pm on Sunday 31 March 2019.

The nearest alternative sites for users of Bledlow are:

All other Household Recycling Centres in Buckinghamshire can be found on our 'find your nearest household recycling centre' page. 


Why is this site closing?

Unfortunately, the required cost savings cannot be made without at least one site closure. Our analysis of the whole network shows that closure of Bledlow HRC will cause the least disruption for residents of the county taken as a whole.

This site is one of the least used. Also, due to how many visitors from outside Buckinghamshire it receives, Bledlow HRC is one of the most expensive to run.


Will the closure mean more queuing at other sites?

No. Users from Bledlow can use other sites across the network. The two nearest alternatives are larger and better designed to cope with more visitors, without causing more queuing.

All sites have live webcams to allow visitors to see how busy a site is before they visit. You can see the webcams on our waste and recycling pages.


Can the site be kept open, but on fewer days?

Unfortunately, to make the level of savings needed this was not feasible and the full site closure is required.


Why can’t you keep the site open but just charge residents a small amount to use the site?

It is against the law for the council to charge to enter a Household Recycling Centre. This is not a legally viable alternative to fund the service.



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