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8. Getting to School Strategy (SMoTS)

The Getting to School Strategy is fulfilling our duty to produce a Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy as outlined in the Education and Inspections act 2006.  It is an accompanying document to the Council’s Local Transport Plan 4. This strategy is designed to set out how we will promote the use of sustainable modes of travel to schools, colleges and other education centres.  It includes the transport needs of students aged 16+, and pupils with Special Education Needs or Disabilities.

Sustainable travel means forms of transport that reduce congestion and improve health.  This includes buses, trains, walking and cycling. Within this strategy, we discuss our current activities and initiatives, followed by the challenges we face.  Finally, it sets out actions and objectives for encouraging sustainable education travel and how we will work (and support others) to meet our targets.

This document has multiple purposes:

  • Meeting our statutory duty to maintain a SMoTS (as outlined in the Education and Inspections Act 2006) which should:
    • Promote the use of sustainable modes of travel to meet the school travel needs of Buckinghamshire.
    • Assess our school travel needs
    • Assess our facilities and services for sustainable modes of travel to, from and within Buckinghamshire
  • Reducing congestion around schools and education establishments
  • Outlining how schools can increase sustainable travel
  • Informing parents/carers about the benefits of sustainable travel
  • Improving the health and wellbeing of young people


Getting to School Strategy

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