Transport modelling

7/12/2021 3:40:17 PM

1. Transport modelling

Buckinghamshire Council (BC) have developed a suite of transport models which should be used as part of a Transport Assessment (TA) and form part of a strategy by which the transport models are relied upon as the common forecasting tool for all transport processes.

The process was established to ensure that the development and appraisal of Transport Assessments are carried out in an efficient and effective manner utilising common and sound data inputs. These models encompass the geographic areas of:-

  • Aylesbury Vale
  • Buckingham
  • High Wycombe
  • Buckinghamshire Countywide

These models in simplistic form aim to predict what will happen if we change something to the road or transport network in the County. Data is fed into the model in order to inform us what will happen for example, to traffic patterns if we built a new bypass, a new housing / employment site or make changes to highway infrastructure.

The need for the models

Transport models are very important. Over the next decades, thousands more houses and employment sites will be built across the county to meet the demands of a growing population.

Building houses or employment in an area will ultimately affect travel to / from other areas thereby potentially impacting on large areas of the County’s transport network. This will usually add pressure to existing roads thereby necessitating the need for construction of new roads or other transport infrastructure.

The Buckinghamshire Local Transport Models can assist in planning sustainable locations where housing and employment should be located to minimise this impact whilst at the same time complementing a firm understanding of the impacts of proposed housing growth and transport infrastructure schemes on the environment. The models therefore aim to assist the appraisal of new developments / highway improvements for current as well as future year scenarios through the analysis of:-

  • Traffic flows on particular highway links
  • Link time especially to determine impacts of congestion
  • Routing information
  • Trips for any given year / scenario
  • Mode, destination and time of day choice


Highways Development Management - developer pre-application advice

Buckinghamshire Council’s Highways Development Management team provide an efficient and flexible service to the public and developers in advising on highway and transportation issues in development management.

Find out more about transport models for development purposes.

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Last updated: 12 July 2021

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