TfB Customer Pledge

  1. We put safety first in everything we do

Repairs are done based on risk, the full Highway Safety Inspection Policy can be found on our website.

Our service levels on the highway are;

  • Emergency repairs – made safe within 2 hours, with a repair planned for a later date
  • Depending on the severity of the repair needed, other repairs are completed within either 2, 5 or 28 days
  • Some repairs will be considered for future planned maintenance works
  • All reports are reviewed within 10 days.

If you think it is dangerous, please call us on 01296 382416 (9am – 5.30pm Mon – Thurs, 9am – 5pm Friday) or 01296 486630 (out of hours and weekends).

Please report all other issues online 

  1. We act professionally

We employ the right people, to do the right job at the right time, using the right materials.

  1. We will keep you involved

We will provide up-to-date and relevant information about our work, as well as providing the tools for you to report issues to us.


We are putting safety first by prioritising the most critical repairs, by being available to react 24/ and by regularly inspecting the entire highway network. We are working on it by employing the right people for the job, using the right materials, by balancing day to day maintenance with long term improvement and by delivering what we have promised. We are keeping you involved by providing clear, up to date and relevant information, by giving you the tools to report issues and feedback and by taking your opinion into account and listening, evaluating and acting. We ask that all our staff are treated with respect and that residents use our website to report problems and give feedback about our service whether we've got it right or we've got it wrong.


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