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High Wycombe town centre masterplan

11. Phase 6 - Cressex Link Road

Scheme overview


High Wycombe


Phase 6 works are expected to start from early Spring 2018 and last approximately 4 months


Detailed Design


to enhance the Cressex Road / Cressex Link Road / Coronation Road crossroads to improve traffic flows in the area


Wycombe District Council, Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership and Buckinghamshire County Council


01296 382416

About the project

Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC), Wycombe District Council (WDC) & The Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership (BTVLEP) are looking to enhance the Cressex Road / Cressex Link Road / Coronation Road crossroads to improve traffic flows in the area.

There will also be a proposed cycle way along Cressex Road which will enhance facilities for cyclists

The above two schemes all form part of a wider strategy called the Southern Quadrant Transport Strategy (SQTS) 

Objectives of the scheme:

  • Improve vehicle flow exiting Cressex Business Park
  • Reduce the number of vehicles using Cressex Road by providing additional left turns eastbound into Coronation Road from Cressex Road and Westbound into  Cressex Link from Cressex Road
  • Opening the two left turns provides improved accessibility by re-routing traffic with more direct journeys for Cressex Business Park
  • Opening up the left turn from Cressex Road up Coronation Road will relieve pressure on the Cressex Road / New Road / John Hall Way junction
  • To reduce traffic volumes and delays at the A4010 / Turnpike Road Junction
  • Prohibit HGV’s on Cressex Road by introducing a weight limit
  • Improve facilities for cyclists using the Cressex Road

Please click here for the various design options


The public consultation period for the Alternative Route Phase 5 will take place in November 2017. During this time we will engage with stakeholders and members of the public to highlight key design features and restrictions as part of the construction project, taking the opportunity to fine tune some elements of the design with construction commencing in early 2018.

Cressex – FAQ

Q1. Will it improve my journey to and from the business park? If so, by how much?

A1. In short, Yes. The options provided will provide a better flow through the junction; however this scheme does not have the scope to alter other existing junctions which may be causing queues during the peak times.


Q2. Why not open all movements at the junction, wont this ease congestion?

A2. As part of the overall SQTS, the project wants to 1) Discourage motorists from using the residential road Cressex Road. 2) Ease traffic levels at the Cressex Road / New Road / John Hall Way junction (west of the Cressex Road / Cressex Link Road junction).


Q3. Will I be able to park on Cressex Road?

A3. If the on-road cycle scheme is taken forward then on street parking will be prohibited along Cressex Road.


Q4. How is the 7.5t weight limit to be enforced?

A4. The 7.5t Weight Limit and Banned Right Turns will be enforced by Signage and backed up with a Traffic Regulation Order.


Q5. As a pedestrian can I cross the junction easier than now?

A5. The zebra crossings and signalised crossings will work in their usual way. There is the option of an all pedestrian phase under the signalised option. However this would have a further detrimental effect on the effectiveness of the junction.


Q6. Why have you allowed Left out from Cressex Road East & West?

A6. To encourage / allow drivers onto Cressex Link Road / Coronation Road, allowing motorists onto the Business Park / M40 quicker without having to use as many routes.


Q7. Why not allow left turn from Coronation Road?

A7. Not allowing the left turn from Coronation Road will discourage motorists from using the residential road Cressex Road.


Q8. Will these improvements just move the traffic jam further down the road?

A8. The Improvements are limited just to this junction, therefore during peak times (especially PM) the queues will still be present at the Cressex link Road / A4010 junction, there will however be a decrease in traffic numbers at the Cressex Road / New Road / John Hall Way junction.


Q9. Where does the Cycleway Link to and from?

A9. The cycleway will be an extension from the cycleway that runs along Cressex Link Road between the crossroads and the junction with the A4010. The cycleway will terminate at the junction with Marlow Road. Further cycleways and Toucan Crossings may be constructed along Marlow Hill from the Cressex Road roundabout, however this is only a County Council ambition and no funding has been secured yet.


Q10. You have shown three options, what is the Councils preferred option?

A10. Option 1 & 2 provide the biggest journey time saving along Cressex Link Road and Coronation Road (in and out of the business park). Consultation will provide us with a better understanding of the preferred option.


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Last updated: 14 November 2017

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