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Vehicle Activate Signs (VAS)

VAS are permanent signs that display either the speed limit or warn of a hazard ahead. They must comply with The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD). The TSRGD states the signs and messages that can only be displayed, other messages are not permitted unless authorised by the Secretary of State. 

Our policy

Our VAS Policy was agreed in March 2006, and reviewed in February 2012. The VAS will be provided in any one of three ways:

  1. County Council funded casualty reduction scheme
  2. Scheme where the community fund the VAS. This will be suitable where there is a proven problem with speed and other measures have been ruled out or have not proved successful.
  3. As for 2 above, but where a third party (usually the Parish or Town Council) arrange and fund the supply, install and maintain the sign, subject to County Council approval.

In case 2 above, TfB would be responsible for installing the VAS and would receive a sum for the ongoing maintenance of the sign.  TfB would be responsible for all future maintenance of the sign.  

In case 3 above, where the third party arrange and fund the VAS, we would act as Principle Designer and supervise the works.  TfB’s would include ensuring the risk of underground services is managed.  The parish/town council would employ both TfB and the VAS  contractor directly.  The cost for TfB’s involvement would be on a site by site basis.

Conditions for a VAS

TfB will look at all sites and consider a number of factors:

  • collision history
  • speed of traffic
  • condition of existing signing and lining
  • Whether other measures may be more suitable

Requests and processes

A request for a VAS should be made via the parish or town council (or local County Councillor in areas where no parish or town council exists)  

All requests should be made by completing the application form with the fee of £310 +VAT.

There will also be an additional cost to obtain speed data.


BCC/TfB, as highway authority, has the power to erect signs on the highway. However, a VAS is larger than normal signing and properties may be affected by its presence. Where a VAS is agreed and will be provided in front of or adjacent to residential properties TfB, or the local council , should notify and confirm support from affected residents and the local County Councillor. 

VAS Contractors

There are a number of suppliers and contractors who can supply and / or install the VAS on the highway in Buckinghamshire. These can be provided on request. 

Traffic Advisory Leaflet.

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