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Salt bins

  • Salt bins are at locations across the County for drivers and pedestrians to treat local areas
  • Salt bins will be filled with a 50/50 mix of salt and sharp sand. 
  • Salt from these bins is for use on the public roads and pavements only.
  • Salt bins are filled before and during the winter season as priorities allow.
  • We are able to sell salt bins to private organisations with links to BCC, such as
    • Social Care properties
    • Education locations
    • Bucks Fire & Rescue  
    • We will consider requests for new salt bins at known trouble spots on the public highway. Although funding for new salt bins will need to be provided externally.

It may be possible for other private organisations to purchase a salt bin, but each request will need to be considered on merit.  Initial setup costs are the same as new salt bins on the public highway (£450). 

Once installed, we will have no future liability for them, beyond the limits of the public highway. Although it may be possible for TfB to restock these bins at a cost of £100 per occasion.

For new estate roads: all new salt bin requirements will be assessed.  The developer would fund the cost of the new salt bin (£450 ea.) and salt.

The County Council does not plan to replenish road side salt heaps as saline runs off may harm the local environment.


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