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Road Safety

Transport for Buckinghamshire is committed to making Buckinghamshire's roads safer for all users and to reduce the number and severity of casualties from road traffic collisions.

The Network safety Team has a statutory duty to investigate the causes of road traffic collisions on Buckinghamshire County Council’s roads and take measures to prevent them.

It does this by analysing personal injury data, (which is supplied to BCC by the police), to decide whether behavioural or engineering improvements would be most effective. We review crashes on an annual basis countywide to draw up a priority list of sites and routes for action.

Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) studies have shown that 95% of all collisions involve an element of human error, 2% the road environment and 3% vehicle.

This means that educating the road user to cope with the road environment is a key factor in reducing casualties and therefore saving the costs for Bucks and the community.

Education and training initiatives targeted at Bucks ‘most at risk’ road users:

Priority for engineering remedial measures is given to sites with a high concentration of collisions in a small area and routes with the highest rate of killed or seriously injured (KSI) collisions.

Safety Remedial schemes
Our current method of identifying sites where remedial safety works may take place, is by identifying our routes that have the highest rate of the most serious injuries – those that resulted in killed or seriously injured casualties (KSI), per km. We also identify sites where at least 5 injury collisions (of any severity) have occurred within a 50m radius, in the last 5 years. These collisions are then ranked by a 3,3,1 weighting for fatal, serious and slight to ensure that we are addressing the sites with the highest level of KSIs.

After investigation we make any minor changes that would help e.g. improved white lines, better signs, or resurfacing / improving grip. Bigger projects are considered by the Cabinet Member and Local Committees within the context of the whole county and budget.

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