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4/12/2021 2:34:59 PM

6. Changing a speed limit

A countywide review of speed limits for all public roads in Buckinghamshire was completed in 2012. The roads were assessed and new speed limits were installed. As a result, we are not currently funding any further speed limit changes across the county.

The current policy on requests for changes to speed limits is set out in Key Decision Report PT01.13.


Requesting a change to current speed limits

To request a change to a speed limit, contact your parish or town council.

If they support your request they can ask for a speed limit assessment from Transport for Buckinghamshire. This costs £865 and involves a site visit and liaison with Thames Valley Police. 

Any subsequent changes to a speed limit will need to be funded by either:

The only exceptions to this will be speed limits introduced as part of a casualty reduction scheme.

Requests for speed limit changes will need to comply with the national guidance on setting local speed limits.



Changing a speed limit requires a legal process to be followed.

The full cost of changing a speed limit is in excess of £10,000, this includes:

  • speed limit assessment
  • formal consultation and analysis of feedback
  • legal fees
  • advertisement in local newspaper(s) of the proposed and final Traffic Order
  • sign installation
  • preparatory work and correspondence associated with all of the above


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Last updated: 12 April 2021

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