Managing speed

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1. How to tackle speeding

The Highway Code states that you should drive at a speed that will allow you to stop well within the distance you can see to be clear.  Transport research shows that 95% of all collisions involve human error. Find out more about dealing with speeding traffic in Buckinghamshire


Speed survey

Parish councils and Community Groups can request a speed survey via our contact us form.

The cost is £412 +VAT for a 7 day survey.


Community Boards 

Community Boards are public meetings where residents are able to attend, and raise their concerns about issues that affect them in their area. If Community Boards agree that concerns raised are a priority, there is a modest budget that may be available to support resolutions. 

Further information about Community Boards, can be found on the Shadow Authority community boards web page


Enforcement solutions

TVP is responsible for all enforcement of traffic laws. They run a 'Community Concern' scheme where requests from the public about speeding are considered for enforcement.

To request this, contact Speed Solutions. 


Speed Solutions 
Thames Valley Police Roads Policing
Three Mile Cross
270 Whitley Wood Road
Reading, Berkshire

Following a site survey TVP along with TfB may consider the site for a mobile camera.


Engineering solutions

Traffic calming or road safety engineering schemes may be funded through local community funds or through the local area priorities budget. Residents who feel that a case should be put forward should contact their parish council for their support.

Some collisions cannot be prevented through simple engineering measures for numerous reasons, such as those resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol or where the severity of the collision is far worse because an occupant of a vehicle has failed to wear a seat belt. In these cases the solution may be through better education, therefore the Road Safety Team run many campaigns, courses and initiatives to better educate road users. Some of the complaints we receive concern anti-social problems, resulting in high speed driving mainly at night, these should be reported to the police as anti-social behaviour.


Community speedwatch

This is a scheme managed by TVP, promoted by Buckinghamshire Council and delivered by volunteers.

The registration number of speeding vehicles is recorded.

Warning letters are then sent out by the Police to the registered keepers stating that their vehicle has been reported as speeding. Locations for monitoring speed are selected from sites suggested by the community, based on where there is most local concern about speeding traffic, or the impact of speed.

Community Speedwatch can only operate in areas subject to a speed limit no greater than 40mph.

Letters will be sent to offenders by the Thames Valley Police. The first letter is a warning letter. The second is a stronger letter. If Speedwatch activity evidences a speed problem, this may result in enforcement by the Police.

Information about starting a scheme contact your local Neighbourhood Police Officer via the TVP non-emergency number 101.


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