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Fed up with potholes – we are too!

Government funding cuts and pressures from other services such as social care means there isn’t enough money to pay for all the work which needs doing on our roads.

However, a new single council for Buckinghamshire would save at least £18m per year – money which the new council could decide to put into more road resurfacing.

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Healthy Driver Campaign - 'Speeding is so bad for you'

The 'Healthy Driver' campaign aims to tackle the problems caused by inappropriate and excessive speed in local communities. It was launched by Travel Safe Bucks in November 2017 to mark Road Safety Week, and provides educational campaign materials to influence behaviours on the road and ultimately reduce speeding incidents.

The campaign, which has online and offline elements, draws likenesses between speeding and other behaviours that are bad for your health like smoking, too much sugar, and binge drinking. In the last ten years (up to Dec 2016) 473 people have been killed or seriously injured from speed related incidents in Buckinghamshire alone.

Healthy Driver campaign video

If you are concerned about speeding in your parish, school, college or business you could run a Healthy Driver campaign or event.

Run a campaign

Travel Safe Bucks has plenty of free materials to help you run a Healthy Driver campaign – if you are interested in running a Healthy Driver campaign, please submit your interest in a free campaign pack.

Whether you are running the campaign at a public event, or having a speed theme week at your business, college, school, or other organisation, all the materials provided will help you get the key message out: Speeding is so bad for you.

For more information please call 01296 382416 or use our contact us form.

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