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Ask to change the speed limit

All public roads in Buckinghamshire had their speed limits reviewed between 2002 and 2012 as part of the countywide speed limit review.

Since the end of the countywide review, there is no longer any dedicated funding for changes to speed limits . The cost of such schemes needs to be met directly by the local community:

Through self –funding by a Parish/Town Council, ( or from some other local source),or from the delegated ‘Local Priorities’ budget which is allocated by the county council to the relevant Local Area Forum of town and parish councils.

Anyone requesting a speed limit change will need to gain support from their local parish/town council. The local council can then apply for the speed limit request to be assessed, to see if it is appropriate for the road. There will be a fee charged to cover the work required.

The cost of the installation of a new speed limit will vary from one location to another depending on the complexity of the required changes.

20mph speed limits

In January 2013 the Department for Transport issued revised speed limit guidance, which includes new advice on 20mph speed limits.

20mph limits/zones should be self-enforcing . The police should not be expected to keep speeds within the limit. The existing conditions of the road and measures such as traffic calming or signing, publicity and information, should lead to drivers travelling at an appropriate mean speed.

There are 2 ways to create 20mph roads-a 20mph traffic calmed zone, or a signed 20mph speed limit.
For more advice can be seen at: Department for Transport Circular 01/2013.

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