Wendover cycleway improvements

Subject to consultation, we are proposing cycleway improvements in Wendover which are due to be completed in 2021. To receive regular project updates, you can subscribe to our bulletin.


Current progress

This project will improve cycleways in Wendover.

Feasibility designs have been finalised and have passed the Road Safety Audit 1 stage. These designs will be consulted on with the public between 1 March and 28 March 2021.



A consultation period will be running for 4 weeks between 1 March and 28 March 2021.

Visit the Your Voice Bucks page to submit feedback on improving Wendover cycleways


This project aims to:

  • improve connectivity in Wendover and therefore help promote sustainable travel.
  • encourage cycling for shorter journeys in Wendover through developing the cycling network.


Proposed cycleway improvements

With the available budget, we are proposing 3 cycleway improvements within Wendover.

The proposals are:

  • railway station access – linking the existing Amber Way cycleway along Aylesbury Road to the Railway Station
  • Amber Way improvements on Aylesbury Road between Halton Lane and Castle Park Road
  • school access – extending the existing Amber Way cycleway along Aylesbury Road towards the schools along Wharf Road

See where each proposal is within Wendover in our Summary Plan PDF, 428KB.

This proposal links the existing Amber Way cycleway on Aylesbury Road with Wendover Railway Station via Lionel Avenue, Dobbins Lane and Coombe Avenue. It largely consists of on-carriageway markings to ensure that motorists are clear that cyclists will be on the carriageway.

From Aylesbury Road, cyclists will use the current informal crossing to travel towards Lionel Avenue. Along Lionel Avenue, there will be cycleway markings on the carriageway, along with route signage.

Cyclists will utilise the existing cut through linking to Dobbins Lane, where similar to the proposed design along Lionel Avenue, there will be on-carriageway cycle markings.

To reach the Railway Station, cyclists will travel up Coombe Avenue and then be required to dismount at the end road and push their bicycle up the steps using a cycle ramp. From the back of the Car Park people will cycle through the Railway Station car park to reach the Station.

Railway station access plan PDF, 1.06MB

This proposal creates a shared use cycleway on the northern footway along Aylesbury Road between Halton Lane and Castle Park Road, preventing cyclists from having to cross the road onto the southern side, providing a more consistent, attractive and safer route. The shared used footway / cycleway will be widened to approximately 2.5m.

Cycleway crossings will be constructed at the junctions of Halton Lane, Grenville Avenue and Castle Park Road.

Amber Way improvements plan PDF, 817KB

This proposal extends the Amber Way cycleway from Victory Road to link to the schools along Wharf Road.

The footway between Victory Road and Wharf Road will be upgraded to a shared use footway / cycleway. The path will be widened near the Health Centre to become approximately 2.5m wide.

At the Wharf Road junction, cyclists will then have to re-join the carriageway. There will be cycleway markings on the carriageway, along with route signage to let road users know that cyclists are likely to be using Wharf Road.

Schools Access plan PDF, 1.43MB



We have a budget of approximately £562,000 to spend on the Cycleway Improvements in Wendover.

HS2 mitigation funds provides £500,000 of funding and approximately £62,000 is being funding directly by us.


Contact us

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If you would prefer to complete a printed version of the consultation feedback form, or have any further questions, you can:

Or you can let us have your comments by writing to us at:

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The PDF files included in this consultation may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. To request an accessible format, email hitmailbox@buckinghamshire.gov.uk.


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