South East Aylesbury Link Road (SEALR)

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The South East Aylesbury Link Road (SEALR) is a 40mph dual carriageway link road that will connect the B4443 Lower Road with the A413 Wendover Road. It is required to ease congestion in Aylesbury after HS2 Ltd. realigns the A4010 via the construction of the Stoke Mandeville Relief Road. SEALR forms part of the Aylesbury Transport Strategy and will become part of the Aylesbury Orbital.

SEALR will consist of a:

  • new roundabout on the B4443 Lower Road;
  • new roundabout on the A413 Wendover Road;
  • road bridge crossing the Aylesbury to Marylebone railway line

The delivery of the Aylesbury Link Roads has been a long held ambition for Buckinghamshire Council (and the former Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council). The growth and development of Aylesbury has made these proposals a necessity.

View the overall Transport Plan for Aylesbury.

You can contact officers about this project by emailing or by calling 01296 395 000.

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We have produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the SEALR project that may help to resolve any queries you may have.


Planning application

The planning application was submitted on 20 March 2020. A statutory consultation has been completed for this scheme by the planning authority, which ended on the 10th June 2020.

We have submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) addendum to the planning portal on 3rd December 2020. This addendum has responded to common concerns and queries raised during the first planning consultation period by the public and statutory consultees. These updated and additional chapters include alternatives to the project, a chapter on climate change, updated drawings and plans, and more.

The EIA addendum submission has triggered a second consultation period, meaning you can express support for, make comments on, or submit an objection to the planning application. This objection period will last for six weeks and will end on the 11 January 2021.

Visit our planning portal to view the planning application and the EIA addendum. You can search for them using the planning application reference CC/0015/20.


Land acquisition and documentation

As part of the land acquisition process for the project, we:

  • made a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on 16 September 2020
  • made a Side Roads Order (SRO) to stop up existing highway or the creation of new highway on 16 September 2020  

On 16 September we made the CPO. The SEALR project team submitted the CPO to the Secretary of State for confirmation. The CPO will ensure that we can acquire all land necessary to deliver the project. We are currently in negotiations with affected landowners. It is hoped that we will reach agreement with all landowners and that a CPO Inquiry will not be necessary. Documents related to the CPO are set out below.

The objection period was from 16 September 2020 to 29 October 2020 and has now closed.

Please see the below the following CPO documentation:

Compulsory Purchase Order (accessible) PDF, 1.14MB 

This document is the CPO itself, including the CPO schedule. This should be read alongside the plan.

Please note that this document has been edited for accessibility and therefore contains some formatting differences to the original, sealed document. This original, sealed version can be viewed below.

Compulsory Purchase Order (original) PDF, 479KB

This is the sealed CPO itself, including the CPO schedule. This should be read alongside the CPO plan.

CPO Plan PDF, 589KB

This plan sets shows the land we will seek to purchase via the CPO.

CPO Advertisement for newspaper PDF, 136KB

It is a statutory requirement for us to publish an advertisement of the CPO in local newspapers and the London Gazette.

Statement of Reasons PDF, 352KB

This document sets out why we are seeking to make a CPO.

We have made the SRO, under sections 14 and 125 of the Highways Act 1980, on 16 September 2020. The SEALR project team submitted it to the Secretary of State for confirmation on 16th September. The SRO will allow us to stop up existing Public Rights of Way and divert them so that the SEALR can be built. This also gives us the power to create new public highway. The SRO plans are set out below.

The objection period was from 16 September 2020 to 29 October 2020 and is now closed.

Please see below the following SRO documentation:

SRO, incl. SRO schedule and the plan folio PDF, 1.92MB
This document lists the amendments being made to the highway via this Order. It also contains the folio which should be read alongside the SRO plan.

SRO plan PDF, 698KB
This document shows the amendments being made to the highway via this Order on a plan. The folio shows the key for the plan.

SRO advertisement PDF, 125KB
This is the advertisement published by us for the SRO. This has been published in the London Gazette and the Bucks Herald.

Part of the land to be acquired under the CPO includes a small area of open space currently adjacent to Patrick Way in the Stoke Grange estate of Aylesbury. We need to acquire this land in order to construct the new A413 Wendover Road roundabout.

The design and size of the roundabout are led by traffic modelling and, unfortunately, it cannot be made smaller. It is therefore unavoidable that we must acquire a small corner of the open space land to construct the project.

There is a statutory requirement to replace the open space land taken for the scheme, which we will do. We must ensure that the replacement land, often called ‘exchange land’, is of equal or greater size, and is equally advantageous or more advantageous than the land that we will acquire for the project.

The replacement, or exchange, land is situated immediately adjacent to the current open space to the west. We will use this land to create a significantly larger open space area for the Stoke Grange community.

We have applied to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government under section 19 of the Acquisition of Land Act 1981. This application can be viewed below. We have requested certification that the Secretary of State is satisfied that the proposed replacement land is not lesser in area, and is equally advantageous or better to the land required for the scheme.

Once the Secretary of State has assessed the replacement land and made a decision in principal, members of the public will be able to object to the process. When this decision in principle has been given, we will post details of how to object here on this webpage.

Section 19 application letter PDF, 264KB

This is the application letter made to the Secretary of State.

Open Space plan PDF, 183KB

This shows the unaffected open space, the open space that will be taken by the scheme, and the land to be provided as replacement open space.



The following items have already been completed in the project:

  • Consultants have been appointed to take forward the planning applications and the business case
  • Funding has been confirmed through HS2 Ltd. and the Local Growth Fund (via the Buckinghamshire Local Economic Partnership)
  • The first consultation took place from 1 November 2017 to 8 December 2017
  • Refinements to the project following the consultation have been completed
  • The updated project designs were presented at a second public consultation on the 17 July 2018
  • Surveying of land to inform design has been completed
  • Transport modelling to further inform design has been completed
  • Contractors have been appointed for Early Contractor Involvement
  • The planning application was submitted on 20 March 2020 and has completed a first consultation period. Due to minor changes to the information provided, a second consultation period will be required
  • The project team has begun planning utility diversions with UKPN, Thames Water, Vodafone and Virgin Media
  • Trial holes have been undertaken to determine the location of a Thames Water main
  • An EIA addendum has been submitted to the planning system


Next steps

  • The second 6 week consultation period for the planning application to begin
  • Detailed design to be completed
  • Discussions with landowners will continue, in the hopes of reaching negotiated settlements


Plans of the scheme

Vew the proposed layout of the South East Aylesbury Link Road.

SEALR general arrangement PDF, 629KB 

More detailed plans can be found on the planning portal at (reference CC/0015/20).

Please note, whilst advanced, these designs are not finalised and may be updated following statutory consultation and/or the detailed design process.

View the exhibition board plans from the public event on the 17 July 2018.

Below is a video simulation of how the South East Aylesbury Link Road may look.



The first public consultation on the SEALR took place from the 1 November to the 8 December 2017. View the consultation summary document for an overview of the responses received.

Changes have been made to the scheme in order to address some of the comments raised during the first consultation period. The new updated scheme was presented at an exhibition event on the 17 July 2018.



We will be providing regular project updates through e-bulletins.

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Last updated: 4 December 2020

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