Princes Risborough Southern Road Links (PRSRL)

4/4/2022 1:31:38 PM

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Phase one of the works involves constructing new highway and widening over an 800m stretch of road to enable two-way traffic flow.

At the northern end of phase one, the scheme includes a new railway bridge on Summerleys Road, improving the current one-way traffic flows under the existing bridge. The southern end of the scheme will include a new traffic light-controlled junction at Summerleys Road, Station Road, Station Approach and new link road connecting to Picts Lane.

View location plan of PRSRL scheme (PDF, 133KB)


The Princes Risborough Southern Road Link (PRSRL) project is the first phase of the Princes Risborough relief road, which is to be built in three phases to support the expansion of the town. The Wycombe Local Plan, which was adopted in 2019, allocates around 2500 new homes in Princes Risborough through a major expansion to the north west of the town.

View the local plan on our planning website.

A Capacity and Delivery Plan for the local plan was adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) in March 2021 to address these issues in more detail.

View the Princes Risborough Expansion Area Phasing Plan (PDF, 1.62MB)

The road will provide a complete alternative route to the existing A4010 and will connect the expansion area with the town. It is a key piece of infrastructure which will support delivery of new homes and relieve congestion on existing roads.

Following a successful bid by Buckinghamshire Council, the first phase of the new relief road is being supported by £12 million from Homes England (a government agency).


Future Phases

In the future, phase one will connect to phase two of the relief road through the expansion area.

View location plan of Princes Risborough relief road (PDF, 89KB)

Phase 3 involves two main sections. To the north there will be a new junction at Grove Lane, Little Kimble connecting the B4009 to the A4010. The B4009 will be upgraded.

To the south phase one at Picts Lane will be connected to the A4010 via a proposed new road, known as the Culverton Link Road.


PRSRL Preliminary Design

The first phase of the relief road will focus on the area from Summerleys Road to Picts Lane. It will involve constructing and widening along approximately 800 metres of road.

At the northern end of the PRSRL, Buckinghamshire Council proposes to construct a new railway bridge and road alignment to allow increased headroom and two-way
traffic flow on Summerleys Road. The existing railway bridge will to be retained to create a residents only access road off Summerleys Road

The southern end of the PRSRL towards Picts Lane, will include a new junction with traffic lights connecting Summerleys Road, Station Road, Station Approach and a link road through to Picts Lane. We will also be stopping up the northern section of Picts Lane to through traffic to create the new link road.

View the proposed route road alignment and landscaping (PDF, 1.32MB)

The scheme includes:

  1. Construction of a new section of road to connect to the future Princes Risborough expansion area and relief road.
  2. New junction connecting the existing Summerleys Road to the new road alignment.
  3. New railway bridge west of the existing southern Summerleys Road rail bridge to allow increased headroom and two-way traffic flow.
  4. Existing railway bridge on Summerleys Road will be retained, along with the section of highway. This will be used to create a pedestrian/cycle route and residents only access for vehicles.
  5. New traffic light-controlled junction with pedestrian crossing connecting Summerleys Road, Station Road, Station Approach and the new Link Road.
  6. New link road connecting Summerleys Road to Picts Lane. Including enhancements to existing watercourse and provision of new swales to aid the flow of flood water. There will also be provision of sustainable drainage solutions to provide additional surface water storage.


Scheme visualisations


Walking and cycling improvements

New sections of 3m wide walking and cycling facilities are proposed within the scheme to enhance the sustainable travel options for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the southern area of Princes Risborough. These will then connect to future sections of the relief road as they are completed.

View the proposed route for shared footway/cycleway (PDF, 1.24MB)

This includes a shared footway/cycleway along the PRSRL route with a traffic light-controlled pedestrian crossing near to Princes Risborough railway station on Summerleys Road.



Surveys and assessments have been undertaken to establish the baseline conditions and to assess the impacts of the scheme on the environment. The outcome of the assessment work will be presented in the Environmental Statement and other technical documents that will accompany the planning application for the PRSRL scheme.


An environmental mitigation design is being prepared for the scheme, which incorporates retained vegetation and proposed landscaping to include new grassland, woodland, shrubs, hedgerows and trees.  The starting point for the landscape design was to have minimal loss of existing vegetation, wherever possible.

Project progress

Buckinghamshire Council started work on PRSRL (Phase 1 of the Relief Road) in 2016. We have completed the following work to date:

  • Completed traffic modelling work between 2016 to 2019 to identify the Relief Road route and need for improvements to existing junctions
  • Consulted on the Princes Risborough Expansion Area (PREA) as part of the Local Plan consultations in 2017-2019
  • Consulted on the PREA Supplementary Planning Document in 2019.
  • Balfour Beatty and Stantec appointed to undertake feasibility work ahead of preliminary design in 2019
  • Received £12 million of funding from Homes England’s Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF)
  • Began working on the preliminary design and planning submission with Balfour Beatty and Stantec in 2020
  • Flood modelling and hydrology work carried out in line with Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) requirements
  • Several site surveys have been conducted. These surveys include ecological surveys (bats, badgers, great crested newts, trees etc.), utility trial holes, and a groundwater investigation
  • Transport modelling feeding into the preliminary design and Transport Assessment
  • Undertaken technical assessment work, the outcomes of which will be reported in the Environmental Statement and other technical documents being prepared to support the planning application for the scheme
  • Development of railway bridge design with Network Rail
  • Preparation of pre-planning consultation


PRSRL Pre-planning consultation

As part of the preparation for the PRSRL, we are now at the stage of consulting on the preliminary design. To have your say and feedback on the scheme please visit the Your Voice Bucks website below.

View the PRSRL Your Voice Bucks consultation page.

The pre planning consultation period runs from 19 November to 12 December 2021.

Once the public consultation period is closed, we will review the comments and decide if we need to make any changes to the initial design and planning application. We expect to submit a full planning application from early 2022.

A full Statement of Community Involvement will be then submitted with the planning application. This will summarise the results of the public engagement and include a response to key topics and issues raised.



We will use the information you provide only for the purpose of this consultation. We will store the information securely in line with data protection laws and will not share or publish any personal information. Read our full privacy notice on our Privacy page.

Next Steps

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PRSRL planning application

We propose to submit a full planning application from early 2022 for the PRSRL only. Future phases of the relief road will be submitted separately by developers as they come forward for approval.

You will have the opportunity to view and provide comments on the detailed plans and documents once the planning application has been submitted. We will provide links to the application once it has been validated by the Planning Authority.


Detailed design and construction

Depending on the outcome of the planning application, we expect the scheme design and discharge of planning conditions to be completed by Late 2022 – Early 2023.

Following that, the main construction work should begin Autumn 2023 and complete by summer 2025.


Anticipated key project dates

  • Autumn 2021 – Completion of preliminary design and planning application preparation
  • Late 2021 – Early 2022 - Public consultation followed by submission of a full planning application
  • Late 2021 - Early 2022 - Commencement of land negotiations and acquisition.
  • Spring 2022 - Summer 2022 – Statutory planning consultation and planning application determination
  • Late 2022 – Early 2023 - Completion of scheme design and discharge of planning conditions.
  • Summer 2023 – Land acquisition and agreement complete
  • Autumn 2023 – Start of construction work
  • Summer 2025 – End of construction work


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