Noise reduction options for Wendover

Where: Wendover bypass A413
When: Summer 2019

Public consultation on options to reduce noise from the Wendover bypass and HS2 construction traffic

Status: 5 week consultation and online survey from Friday 30 November 2018 
Next steps:

Consultation will open with a two-day event at Wendover library


Online or call on 01296 395000

In 2016, HS2 Ltd agreed to provide £1.51million to install noise barriers along the A413 Wendover bypass. The purpose of the barriers was to reduce noise from the bypass and HS2 construction traffic.

The offer from HS2 was made without prior local consultation and there are differing opinions from Wendover residents about this issue.



We are asking you to state your preference on the four options below.

  1. Do nothing
    Take no action and return the money to HS2 Ltd
  2. Noise Barriers
    Install noise barriers at three sites along the A413 (these should last for up to 20 years)
  3. Low Noise Surfacing (LNS)
    Replace the current road surface with LNS on a 1.94km stretch of A413 beside Wendover (this
    should last for up to 60 years)
  4. Very Low Noise Surfacing (vLNS) 
    Replace the current road surface with vLNS on a stretch of A413 beside Wendover of up to
    1.94km (this may be a shorter stretch than for LNS due to additional cost)

You can respond online via our short survey.

Have your say

Paper copies of the survey will be available at Wendover Library.

It is important to note that we have asked HS2 Ltd if we can change their offer. They have not agreed to make a change until after the consultation. That means it is possible HS2 Ltd will decide not to fund a change to noise barriers at all, even if that is the preference of local people.


Consultation event

The consultation will be launched at a two-day event at Wendover library on:

  • Friday 30 November, 4pm to 7pm
  • Saturday 1 December, 10am to 2pm

It  will run for 5 weeks and close on Friday 4 January 2019.

Officers will be present to answer questions and you will be able to submit your feedback on the day.

Surveys are also available to collect from Wendover library. You can return these by placing in the boxes there or posting back to:

Ulrika Diallo TEE - Highway Infrastructure Projects 
Buckinghamshire County Council
New County Offices
Walton Street 
Aylesbury Bucks
HP20 1UY


Noise mitigation assurance

Is an assurance offered to BCC by HS2 Ltd to reduce noise from HS2 construction traffic and existing noise.

The assurance was not requested by the county council in the petitioning process. It was proposed by HS2 as compensation to the local community who petitioned, and continues to press DfT and HS2 Ltd, for an extended Chiltern tunnel. 

In relation to the Promoter's proposal to provide 'support to the local highways authority to provide noise fence barriers alongside the A413 bypass past Wendover and along a 500m stretch of London Road past the church and school', the Promoter can clarify that such support would consist of a contribution up to a maximum of £1.51 million and would include reasonable: 

a) related local authority project management costs
b) capital and installation costs
c) costs of any landscape impact study required
d) maintenance costs



Noise report
Letter posted to all residents in Wendover village

Consultation boards

Do Nothing summary
Noise Barriers summary
LNS summary
vLNS summary



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Press releases

Noise reduction options for Wendover village

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