HS2 traffic impact cameras

This project will deliver traffic cameras to assess and report on the impacts of HS2 construction traffic.

These cameras will be used by us to ensure that HS2 construction traffic is keeping to agreed routes and to hold HS2 to account. The cameras will be mobile and used to assess and monitor the situation in areas where we have concerns about HS2 construction traffic.

They'll be managed by our HS2 Programme Team.


Project background

The requirement for the cameras has come through the construction of HS2 which impacts a large part of Buckinghamshire. Many of the major routes in the county will be subject to construction vehicles during the construction of HS2. Therefore, we requested support from the government to manage the Local Highways Network.

We received an assurance from the Secretary of State providing funding to acquire traffic cameras which are to be used in monitoring HS2 construction traffic. We took the decision to use the assurance to purchase mobile camera units as these will offer greater flexibility than fixed units.

The cameras will allow the HS2 Programme Team to monitor parts of the highway where complaints have been received or proactively where we are concerned a significant impact may occur.



The project team are currently procuring the camera units. There will be two mobile camera units in total.

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) has been agreed with data protection colleagues at the council.


Next steps

Once purchased and received, the HS2 Programme Team will manage the deployment of the camera units.

If you have queries concerning the deployment of the camera units, contact ewrandhs2enquiries@buckinghamshire.gov.uk.


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