High Wycombe town centre masterplan

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6. Westbourne Street

Scheme overview

Where: High Wycombe
When: 21st May 2015 - December 2015
Status: Westbourne Street in now open
Summary: Westbourne Street works now complete.
Developer: Buckinghamshire County Council
Contact: 01296 382416

If you have any queries please contact the Highways Infrastructure Team at hitmailbox@buckscc.gov.uk

About the project


Westbourne Street is the first phase of the Masterplan which provides a new link between Oxford Road (A40) and Marlow Hill roundabout. The urban design of the road provides smooth traffic flows at a sustainable speed, reducing stop-start delays and pollution effects, and improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Westbourne Street has been re-constructed to its Baker Street junction and resurfacing will take place on Oxford Road between The Pastures and Bellfield Road. 


The programme for construction of Westbourne Street linking to the A40 commenced on the 21st May 2015, and was opened to the public on the morning of 07 December 2015.

Traffic Management

Traffic management arrangements went according to plan with the aim for minimal disruption to all road users.



Culvert Installation (Video 1)

Culvert Installation (Video 2)

The existing culvert, which carries the River Wye under Westbourne Street just South of the junction with the A40, will remain in situ. Wycombe District Council have a long term aspiration to re-open the River Wye where possible as part of the Town Centre Master Plan. The programme for this and funding has not yet been secured. Wherever possible within the TCMP facilitating and enabling works have been incorporated and completed to ensure that the proposal to re-open the river in the future is not stifled. This includes where possible future proofing the design to reduce costs and the impact to the travelling public.

As part of the Westbourne Street project a new culvert has been installed at a higher level to the existing adjacent twin culverts. The higher level will mean that the river is brought closer to street level where it would be closer to people, more visible and hence more of a feature.

Implementing the proposed culvert now will avoid the need to dig up the new Westbourne Street Link in the future.
The new Culvert will facilitate a new open section of the River Wye between Westbourne Street and Brook Street on the southern side of the A40. The timescale for this is not yet determined but it is expected to take several years.


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