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High Wycombe town centre masterplan

8. Suffield Hill Phase 3


Scheme overview


Old Gas Works Site, High Wycombe


Construction autumn 2018 to summer 2019


Detailed Design


Construction of a new link road through the old Gas Works Site. The road is being constructed by Inland Homes alongside their new residential development


Inland Homes plc


01494 762450

Project Manager - Russell Ayres (Inland Homes plc) from November 2017

About the project

The new link road is a key component to the High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan, linking the A404 Marlow Hill to the A40 West Wycombe Road via the old Gas Works site and Westbourne Street. Creating the new route is part of an ambitious, long term project – a ‘Masterplan’ which is set to transform the town centre with major improvements for the future. When all the pieces are put into place, the alternative route will help to reconnect the old and new parts of the town and create a strong mix of shopping, leisure and employment activities.

View current and planned road closures as part of the High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan.

View current and planned car parking changes in High Wycombe Town Centre during construction works.

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You can also view previous bulletins for the HWTCMP Phase 3 & 4 Pre May 2018 & Post May 2018.


New link road

The new link road named Suffield Hill will be constructed by Inland Homes plc as part of their commitment and agreements with Buckinghamshire County Council and Wycombe District Council to build on the old Gas Works site.

We are currently working together with Inland Homes plc and Wycombe District Council on the finalised construction plan which will be posted on this website in due course. The construction works for the development site has already begun subject to planning conditions and infrastructure agreements.

The new link road is expected to begin construction from autumn 2018 until summer 2019.

View the plan of the link road.


Changes to parking on Suffield Road and Queen Alexandra Road

Please be aware that from the October 2017 Buckinghamshire County Council has reduced the car parking on Suffield Road between Rutland Street and Loakes Road, marking the beginning of the planned changes to the parking arrangements in the area.  Parking signs have been put up since to inform residents and road users of the changes. Any non-authorised vehicles not parked within a marked bay will receive a parking Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

As part of the consultation, we advised local residents, businesses and stakeholders that the new link road and accesses to the approved residential development being built by Inland Homes plc will require the removal of the entire parking bay shown in the pictures above. As we progress through the scheme we will be reconstructing the remaining available bays onto both sides of Queen Alexandra Road reopening them as we complete each section.

We are aware that the removal of the parking bays on Suffield Road is a major concern to many visitors and local residents and that parking in other areas will result in an increase to people’s journey times.

The proposed changes are necessary to ensure the road layout becomes an integral part of the High Wycombe road network. Construction work on the old Gas Works site will deliver both a new mixed-use retail and residential development and a new link road to tie into the existing street network in High Wycombe. This link road is a key component of the many changes for High Wycombe in the years ahead and it remains crucial to meeting future needs of the town centre.

Officers at both Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) and Wycombe District Council (WDC) have looked in depth at the design of the new link road and the rest of the alternative route, and carefully considered the relationship between it and both the existing and new residential properties. Although we appreciate that it will inconvenience some residents and visitors to the town centre, we have concluded that the removal of the current on-street parking south-east of Rutland Street is required. As a result, up to 13 parking bays in this area will have been removed once the new Link Road (Phase 3) and Phase 4 works are finally complete.

Although on-street parking will be reduced in this particular area, existing on-street parking options will remain further east on Queen Alexandra Road as well the surrounding streets such Suffield Road beyond Rutland Street, Wendover Street and West End Street. The car parks at Desborough Road and Eden also remain close by for some users.


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Last updated: 18 December 2018

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