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12. Roadworks and road closures



High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan


See individual project pages for dates


Current planned roadworks and road closures


Road closures required as part of the High Wycombe town centre masterplan construction see individual project pages for more details


See individual project pages for more details


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See individual project and information pages above for more details

For more details about these closures and others in the area which are not delivered as part of the HWTCMP please visit the Roadworks.org website. Here you can set up roadwork alerts direct to your email address.

The following live and planned roadworks and road closures are necessary for the completion of works delivered as part of the High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan. As future schemes are progressed we will add new roadworks notices below.


Alternative route phase 3 construction works

There are a number of utility diversions (gas, water, electricity and telephone) which are needed for the delivery of the Alternative Route Phase 3 scheme, and BCC is undertaking these together with the main works. Inland Homes plc also need utility diversions to be undertaken for their development and the BCC project team are working collaboratively with them and the utility companies to minimise the cost and impact on road users, local residents and key stakeholders. 



Bridleway footpath closure between Lily's Walk and Suffield Road

Please note that the bridleway between Lily's Walk and Suffield Road was closed on 16 July 2018 until further notice.

The private developer, Inland Homes, was granted a temporary bridleway closure order after the application was submitted to rights of way on the 5 March 2018. 


Alternative route phase 4 construction works

Buckinghamshire County Council HWTCMP Roadspace Permit Numbers:
Queen Alexandra Road - 35003364
Suffield Road - 35003365


Rutland Street (North) between Wendover Street and Desborough Road

Please note that Rutland Street will continue to remain closed to traffic until further notice following an approved request by the developer Inland Homes plc to use the section of Rutland Street between Castle House and the former Buckingham House site. The western side footpath will remain open to pedestrians throughout the extended closure.


Planned traffic management for phase 4 construction works

The road is now substantially complete pending a Road Safety Audit Stage 3 due to be undertaken this summer. Any further works beyond the planned completion will be notified to the public at the earliest opportunity.

View our simplified Construction Phasing Plan for the Phase 4 roadworks.




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Last updated: 9 July 2019

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