High Wycombe town centre masterplan

4/28/2021 2:58:06 PM

11. Phase 6 - Cressex Link Road

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High Wycombe


Construction started on 21 January 2019 and was completed on 11 June


Construction works complete, the junction is now open


Enhance the Cressex Road, Cressex Link Road, Coronation Road crossroads to improve traffic flows in the area. The scheme forms part of a wider strategy called the Southern Quadrant Transport Strategy (SQTS)


Wycombe District Council, Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and Buckinghamshire County Council


01296 382416 or hitmailbox@buckscc.gov.uk

Project update - 11 June 2019

Following a successful test of the traffic signals controller at the junction of the morning of the 11 June, the junction is now fully open and all forms of Traffic Management have been removed. The closure along the western side of Cressex Road has been lifted and road users can now turn left onto Coronation Road and Cressex Link Road at the junction.

About the proposal

A public consultation was held on 2 March to 6 April 2018 to discuss the proposed changes to the junction.

  • traffic signals will be reset to allow a more dominant North - South flow
  • puffin crossings will be used at the Cressex Road, Cressex Link Road and Coronation Road. This is to create safe places for pedestrians 
  • motorists will only be able to turn left from Cressex Road onto Coronation Road, and from Cressex Road onto Cressex Link Road
  • a new Traffic Regulation Order will be introduced stopping vehicles that are larger than 7.5t from using Cressex Road

The decision

The proposals were given to the leader of the council on 15 June 2018, you can now view the decision. 

Proposal documents

Junction design
Transport Consultation 2018
Banner 1 (Junction)
Banner 2 (Junction)



It is very important to improve the junction in order to improve peak time journey times to and from Cressex Business Park.

The 216 businesses across the Business Park together employ 4869 people (6% of employees in the district). They also contribute a Gross Value Added figure of £331m a year (6% of GVA in the district).


The proposed changes to the junction will offer a better flow through the junction, especially during peak periods. This improvement is a small element of a larger picture around Cressex to improve traffic flows.

Potential future schemes within the area are being investigated. However, these are not being consulted upon as part of the current process.

Left turns will allow drivers travelling along Cressex Road, onto Cressex Link Road or Coronation Road. Providing more direct routes to the Business Park and the M40.

In order to divert traffic away from residential areas, the project seeks to discourage motorists from using Cressex Road. This will ease congestion at the Cressex Link Road roundabout on the A4010.



If you have any queries contact us by email or post.

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