High Wycombe town centre masterplan

10. Phase 5 - Queen Victoria Road / Easton Street Junction


High Wycombe


Phase 5 construction works are expected to start from April 2018 and continue until June 2019


Commencing Construction


Changes to the Queen Victoria Road & Easton Street junction and road layout


Wycombe District Council, Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership, Local Growth Fund and Buckinghamshire County Council


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About the project

Phase 5 - improvements to the Queen Victoria Road / Easton Street junction is part of an ambitious, long-term project - a 'Masterplan' which is set to transform the town centre with major improvements for the future.

When all the pieces are put into place, the Masterplan will help to regenerate High Wycombe town centre.

The proposals were given to the leader of the council, you can now view their decision


Plan of works

General Arrangement Plan


2-way switchover of Queen Victoria Road and Easton Street

From Wednesday 29 May, Queen Victoria Road and Easton Street will revert back to two-way. We ask that road users take extra care when travelling through the town centre from this date, and that pedestrians make sure to look both ways when crossing the road.

The new arrangement will allow motorists to travel straight on and make left turns at the Queen Victoria Road / Easton Street / High Street / Crendon Street junction, but will prohibit right turns from Queen Victoria Road into Easton Street. The Easton Street / Abbey Way junction has been configured to allow road users to access Easton Street from Abbey Way.

Illustrations of the movements that motorists will be able to make can be found below.

Queen Victoria / Easton Street / Crendon Street / High Street Junction

Queen Victoria Road/ Easton Street arrangement

  • Road users can go straight on and left on each arm of the junction
  • No right turn from Queen Victoria Road onto Easton Street
  • New southbound lane on Queen Victoria Road
  • New westbound lane on Easton Street

Easton Street / Abbey Way Junction

Easton Street/ Abbey Way arrangement

  • Road users can turn into Easton Street from either direction on Easton Street
  • New westbound lane on Easton Street
  • Road users accessing London Road to use the Easton Street service road as they do currently


Aims of the project

To increase the network capacity of the Easton Street / QVR junction by replacing the limited movements junction with a revised signalised junction with formal pedestrian crossing points. This new junction will not be an all movements junction as many; if not all of the 4 right turns are to remain banned, depending upon the outcome of modelling and people’s views during the consultation.

The junction modifications will enable traffic distribution away from the A40 corridor by allowing southbound traffic to avoid Easton Street when travelling from Crendon Street to Abbey Way Gyratory and by enabling all traffic to flow 2-way on Easton Street. This will improve journey times from Crendon Street to Marlow Hill.


Design features of the new route

  • Two-way traffic along Queen Victoria Road & Easton Street reducing journey times
  • Two “straight-ahead” northbound lanes on Queen Victoria Road, relieving pressure from Abbey Way Gyratory. These lanes will merge into one lane on Crendon Street
  • Right turns will be prohibited on all arms of the Queen Victoria Road / High Street / Easton Street junction to improve safety, reduce queues and improve journey times
  • Vehicle entrances to Law Court and District Council offices will be reversed
  • Left and right turns will be permitted from the A40 Abbey Way onto Easton Street
  • To replace current street lighting with new, more efficient columns and lanterns in keeping with the Masterplan specification (with road names etched into a number of columns along Queen Victoria Road and Easton Street)


Facilities for pedestrians

  • Signalised pedestrian crossing points remain on Queen Victoria Road and Crendon Street
  • New signalised pedestrian crossing points across High Street and Easton Street at the junction with Queen Victoria Road
  • New informal pedestrian crossing point across Easton Street near the Magistrates Court, and an extended central median along the southern end of Queen Alexandra Road near the Police Station.


Disabled users

We have made sure that our street design caters to all users.

We are making sure that kerbs, surfaces, tactile paving at crossing points, and colour contrasting materials are used to help less able users navigate their way through the space.

All existing signalised pedestrian crossings will remain.


Previous consultation documents



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Last updated: 13 June 2019

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