High Wycombe town centre masterplan

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9. Phase 4 - Alternative Route


Scheme overview


Suffield Road and Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe


Phase 4 construction is now complete


Completed September 2018


Construction of the next phase of the Alternative Route in High Wycombe town centre on Suffield Road and Queen Alexandra Road


Wycombe District Council, Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Local Growth Fund and Buckinghamshire County Council


01296 382416



You can also view previous bulletins for the HWTCMP Phase 3 & 4 Pre May 2018 & Post May 2018.

About the project

The Alternative Route is a key component to the High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan, linking the A404 Marlow Hill to the A40 West Wycombe Road via the old Gas Works site and Westbourne Street. Creating the new route is part of an ambitious, long-term project – a ‘Masterplan’ which is set to transform the town centre with major improvements for the future. When all the pieces are put into place, the alternative route will help to reconnect the old and new parts of the town and create a strong mix of shopping, leisure and employment activities.


Phase 2 Construction Works

Construction works for Phase 4 of the Alternative Route along Suffield Road and Queen Alexandra Road commenced in October 2018.

The main work involved replacing the existing road and pavements with the new narrower road and wider pavements in the same style of Westbourne Street and Desborough Road. Works included new street lights, tree pits, bus stops and rearrangement of parking bays. Trees pits will be planted along the route in the autumn 2018.

Alternative Route general arrangement plan


Changes to parking on Suffield Road and Queen Alexandra Road

Please be aware that from the October 2017 Buckinghamshire County Council has removed the car parking on Suffield Road between Rutland Street and Loakes Road, marking the beginning of the planned changes to the parking arrangements in the area. As part of the consultation, we advised local residents, businesses and stakeholders that the new link road and accesses to the approved residential development required the removal of the entire parking bay shown in the picture below. The remaining bays in the area have now been reconstructed onto both sides of Queen Alexandra Road.

Suffield Road parking removal


Suffield Road from Rutland Street through Queen Alexandra Road to Abbey Way Gyratory is now classed as a Restricted Parking Zone. In order to allow traffic to flow better in the future once the new link road is built parking is prohibited along the route unless the vehicle is parked in a designated marked bay. All vehicles parked illegally or not displaying a valid parking ticket or permit on their dashboard will receive a parking fine. Restricted Parking Zone signs have been put up since construction to inform residents and road users of the changes.


Phase 4 Information

Phase 3 & 4 Pre Consultation Brochure (January 2017)

Alternative Route plan

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