High Wycombe town centre masterplan

8. Phase 3 - Suffield Hill


The new link road is a key component to the High Wycombe Town Centre Masterplan, linking the A404 Marlow Hill to the A40 West Wycombe Road via the old Gas Works site and Westbourne Street.

Creating the new route is part of an ambitious, long term project, a 'Masterplan' which is set to transform the town centre with major improvements for the future. This alternative route will help to reconnect the old and new parts of the town and create a strong mix of shopping, leisure and employment activities.

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The new link road will be named Suffield Hill and is currently under construction by Inland Homes plc as part of their commitment and agreements with Buckinghamshire County Council and Wycombe District Council. View the plan of the link road.

Construction of a new link road began in January 2019 and is expected to be complete from October 2019.


Use of temporary traffic lights

Throughout the delivery of this project traffic management will be left in place, including overnight, to maintain a minimum safe carriageway width.


Overnight Road Closures

Construction of a new link road will require overnight road closures on Desborough Road and Suffield Road simultaneously to complete a number important activities over the following nights.

The contractor will attempt to have all noisy operations, such as the planned surfacing and kerbing works, done before 11pm most nights. However, there will be exceptions during the week commencing 7 October, as noisy operations will be required until the early hours. Where possible, they are expected to keep all noise to an acceptable level due to the proximity to residents. Noisy operations are expected to be significantly reduced from 14 October onward.

Nighttime closures between 7 October and 11 October (8pm to 6am)

Removal of old resurfacing on both Desborough Road and Suffield Road sections for the resurfacing up to binder course level - noisy operations are expected.

Installation of the new junction-kerb lines at both ends of the link road - noisy operations are expected.

Nighttime closures between 14 October and 18 October (8pm to 6am)

Final layer of road surfacing for the new carriageway - reduced noise operations.

Resin surfacing of the new footpath sections - low noise operations.


These approved road closures are being used by the contractor rather than a daytime closure to limit the impact on traffic next to the Eden Shopping Centre, school, university, hospital and ambulance service. As a result, works normally expected to be carried out during the day are being completed at night when the contractor has full access to the carriageway, which is not possible without a road closure.

Wycombe District Council Environmental Health have been made aware of these works so they can monitor any impacts. If you wish to raise concerns with Wycombe District Council over the noise levels, please submit a 'Contact Environmental health' form. Please reference the works with ‘Phase 3 link road - overnight road closures, October 2019’.


Right Turn Bans to and from Lily's Walk

The  new left in left out junction connecting Suffield Hill to Desborough Road has been designed to allow for traffic to flow smoothly through the alternative route.

This helps keep traffic speeds slow and steady and easing access into Eden and the new development along Lily’s Walk.


Changes to parking

From the October 2017, we reduced the car parking on Suffield Road between Rutland Street and Loakes Road.  Parking signs have been put up to inform residents and road users of the changes.

Any non-authorised vehicles not parked within signed bays will receive a parking Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Once complete, Suffield Hill will be added to the Restricted Parking Zone which is already in place along Westbourne Street, Desborough Road, Suffield Road and Queen Alexandra Road.

The planned changes ensure the road layout becomes an integral part of the High Wycombe road network in the future. Construction work on the old Gas Works site will deliver:

  • a new mixed-use retail and residential development
  • a new link road to tie into the existing street network in High Wycombe

This link road is a key component of the many changes for High Wycombe in the years ahead and it remains crucial to meeting future needs of the town centre.



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Last updated: 9 October 2019

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