High Wycombe town centre masterplan

3/12/2019 11:12:40 AM

4. Frogmoor

Scheme overview

Where: High Wycombe
When: Late 2015
Summary: To ensure that Frogmoor is made a more attractive and accessible area
Status: Not started
Developer: Buckinghamshire County Council
Contact: 01296 382416

About the project

The District Council wishes to ensure that Frogmoor is made a more attractive and accessible area that contributes to the attraction of the town centre whilst striking a better balance between the needs of different users of the space. Accordingly It is proposed to change the traffic regulation orders that govern parking and waiting of vehicles. Some parking would be introduced which is angled to the kerb. Short stay parking would be introduced – free for an hour with no return for three hours. The existing parking and waiting areas for taxis and disabled parking would be reconfigured to allow this and to increase the availability of taxi rank spaces. The existing northbound bus stop would be removed and changes to loading bays are also proposed.

Some realignment of kerbs may be necessary to facilitate this, and to better connect Frogmoor with Bull Lane where a widened footway is proposed. Opposite Bull Lane this would reduce the carriageway to 6m in width with the footway on the south side correspondingly widened.

Separately the Council is working with High Wycombe BIDCO who manage the space to develop proposals to attract new uses to the space and to add greenery and seating.

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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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