High Wycombe town centre masterplan

3/12/2019 11:12:40 AM

3. Abbey Way

Scheme overview

Where: Wycombe district
When: 18th August - 31st October 2014
Status: Complete
Summary: Parapet protection, surfacing and sealing scheme aimed to improve public safety and to reduce water leakage.
Developer: Transport for Buckinghamshire

01296 382416

About the project

Carriageway works are being undertaken to the Abbey Way Flyover and Lily’s Walk to improve public safety.

  • The works will protect the sub-standard parapets against vehicle impact and improve the condition of the surfacing together with minor works to reduce water seepage to the shops below to both the A40 and Lily’s Walk.
  • Lily’s Walk: - Installation of containment kerbs, resurfacing and opening to two way traffic.
  • Abbey Way Westbound carriageway:- The parapet works involve the installation of containment kerbs to the in front of the existing parapets, where they are known to be sub-standard. Lane 1 and 2 will be resurfaced.
  • Abbey Eastbound carriageway: - A MASS barrier vehicle restraint system will be installed between lanes 1 and 2. Lane 2 will be resurfaced. The surfacing of the closed off lane 1 will be slurry sealed to reduce water seepage into the shops below.
  • The drainage system will be tested and repairs undertaken.
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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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