Daws Hill Lane - removal of speed cushions

Resurfacing works were done to make repairs to Daws Hill Lane under the County Council's Capital Maintenance Program.

Several sections of Daws Hill Lane required attention. To be able to make the repairs, it had been necessary to plane-out the speed cushions which themselves have deteriorated over the years.


Consultation process

Buckinghamshire County Council conducted a statutory consultation on whether the cushions should be removed on a permanent basis. Consultees included District, Parish and County Council representatives and emergency services, amongst others.

As part of the process, the residents in and around Daws Hill Lane had been invited to provide their opinions on the proposal. A final recommendation was delayed to allow for the construction of a signalised pedestrian crossing and the production of Road Safety Assessment of Daws Hill Lane. The assessment could only be carried out, after the crossing had been switched on and was a formal response to the consultation.

During this time period, officers and stakeholders representing Buckinghamshire County Council have been in discussions with Developers on alternative traffic calming measures and consideration given to upcoming major utility works that would impact on Daws Hill Lane.


Consultation outcome

Has now concluded and the Cabinet Member for Transportation has agreed to suspend making a decision on their reinstatement in the form of a Key Decision. This now closes the formal consultation process. 

Transport for Buckinghamshire would like to thank all those who made their views known during the consultation.



Decision report
Printed decision for Daws Hill Lane
Consultation result letter to residents



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