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Scheme overview


Stocklake Link Road (urban) Highway Improvement Scheme 
Eastern Link Road (south)


Stocklake Link Road (urban) January - November 2016
Eastern Link Road (south) in development

Status: Stocklake Link Road (urban) - Construction Stage
Eastern Link Road (south) – Preliminary Design Stage 
Summary: BCC to create two key link roads – Stocklake improvement (urban section) & Eastern Link Road (southern section) - in conjunction with other road infrastructure projects being delivered by Barratt Homes (ELR northern section and SLR rural section)

Stocklake Link Road (urban) - Buckinghamshire Council

Eastern Link Road (South) - Buckinghamshire Advantage (as part of Aylesbury Woodlands outline planning application)

Stocklake Link Road (urban) - North Midland Construction PLC

Eastern Link Road (South) - tbc

In March 2014, Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Economic Partnership, in conjunction with Buckinghamshire Council, submitted its Strategic Economic Plan to the Department for Transport’s Growing Places Fund. This submission identified a portfolio of transport and economic development priorities for Buckinghamshire over the coming years, to enable and support growth throughout the county. Working together we have secured £44 million of funding through the Local Growth Deal to take forward major infrastructure schemes, including transport and highways enhancements.

Amongst the schemes, two transport priorities have been identified – the Stocklake Link Road (Urban) and the Aylesbury Eastern Link Road (South). These two arcs of the transport network will be delivered in conjunction with two other transport infrastructure projects that are being funded by the Aylesbury East Barratt Homes development. The Eastern Link Road (North) and Stocklake Link Road (rural) will both be provided by Barratt Homes as part of their planning obligations.

Taken together these four sections (as shown on the schematic plan)  will link into one core development programme designed to drive regeneration and infrastructure provision in the East of Aylesbury. Three of the roads will be new builds, alongside a scheme to enhance the existing Stocklake urban road which links the A418 to Douglas Road. This road will eventually connect to the Stocklake (Rural) section when it is constructed.

In its simplest terms the strategic purpose of this programme is to manage traffic capacity on the highway network, to enhance public transport provision and complement the wider regeneration of Aylesbury Town Centre in order to drive economic growth and development. Following a comprehensive consultation we have ambitions to implement these roads over the next three to five years.

Primary Objectives

SLR (urban) and ELR (s) along with SLR (rural) and ELR (n) form part of a wider highway network strategy to provide key link roads which promote both North-South regional connectivity as well as orbital traffic movements around Aylesbury rather than through the town centre. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

Accommodating significant housing and employment growth

The advanced delivery of key highway schemes will support housing and economic growth by enabling the development sites to the East of Aylesbury to emerge through the local planning process. These include Kingsbrook Development being promoted by Barratt Homes (consented), Hampden Fields being promoted by Taylor Wimpey, which includes a southern link road (planning application awaiting determination), and Aylesbury Woodlands, a mixed-use development promoted by Buckinghamshire Advantage (planning application awaiting determination).

Minimising the growth in congestion

Traffic modelling demonstrates that with all the new link roads in place, there is an improvement across the Aylesbury town road network by providing a radial route to the East of the town centre, relieving traffic levels on existing routes.

The highway schemes will improve access to Aylesbury town centre by all modes of transport reducing congestion, improving journey time reliability and enhancing public transport facilities.

Tackling air quality problems

Modelling work indicates the re-routing of traffic is likely to improve the air quality around existing and possible future Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA’s) on the road network in Aylesbury.

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