A418 Oxford Road corridor improvements

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Where: A418 Oxford Road in Aylesbury: from A418/Coldharbour Way roundabout to the A418/ A41 roundabout
When: Enabling works for the traffic technology, monitoring, and communications improvements started in July 2019. Main construction is planned for autumn 2019 with planned completion by summer 2020

The project objectives are to ease congestion, improve journey time reliability, improve air quality, encourage increased sustainable travel and boost economic productivity by making improvements to the A418 Oxford Road through a combination of:

  • junction improvements
  • introduction of new technology and upgrade of existing technology
  • improved walking and cycling facilities
  • bus stop improvements
Status: Funding was awarded in late 2017 and the investigation, design and testing of options begun. A public consultation was held in July and August 2019, with main construction planned for autumn 2019

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About the project

The A418 Oxford Road currently supports a high volume of daily traffic. The traffic causes congestion, particularly during peak times. This congestion is set to worsen as vehicle numbers increase in the future.

This project seeks to deliver a coordinated package of improvements to the corridor which will deliver the main objectives of the project to:

  • improve journey time reliability
  • ease congestion
  • encourage increased sustainable travel
  • improve air quality

View the A418 Oxford Road corridor improvement plan.

Map of the A418 plan



Buckinghamshire County Council submitted a funding bid to the Department for Transport’s (DfT) National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF). The funding is to help tackle existing congestion problems, unlock housing, and enable economic growth.

The total budget for the scheme is £2.69M comprising:

  • successful NPIF bid of £2.191M
  • developer funding of £500,000


Project improvements

New technology

The installation of new technology will allow better management of traffic flows. It will also assist in the management of traffic during incidents on the network from the Council’s central control centre.

The technology improvements will include:

  • Upgrading traffic signal equipment at junctions and crossings, allowing signal timings to better adapt to traffic flows and pedestrian demand.
  • Linking traffic signals along the Oxford Road to allow control of flows on the corridor
  • Traffic detectors installed in the road to sense traffic flows and queues, allowing traffic signals to adapt to the traffic conditions.
  • CCTV (closed circuit television) improving safety, monitoring traffic flows and providing information to help manage incidents.
  • Variable message signs (VMS) providing information to road users, such as queue times, road closures and parking space availability.

Junctions and cycleways

Pearson Close/ Thame Road South cycleway connectivity

  • Construction of a new shared use footway and cycleway between the Pearl Way and Pebble Way existing Gemstone routes at the A418/ Ellen Road roundabout. This will include improvements to uncontrolled crossing facilities, new signs and tactile paving, and refreshed cycleway and footway surfaces.

A418/ Fowler Road/ Churchill Avenue crossroads

  • Capacity improvements through the widening of two arms of the junction and improved signal timings.
  • Extension to the left-hand filter lane from Fowler Road into Oxford Road (eastbound) through carriageway widening from 14m to 90m. 
  • Extension of the two lane approach to the junction from Churchill Avenue from 15m to 120m through carriageway widening. 
  • Construction of a shared use footway and cycleway extension to the existing Pearl Way route to create a more direct path from Fowler Road to Oxford Road.

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School and Aylesbury College

  • Introduction of a traffic island to prevent coaches and buses turning right out of the coach park onto the A418.
  • Installation of part-time traffic signals on the exit of  the School/ College site to help reduce the queuing on Oxford Road caused by right turning traffic exiting from the school by helping to create gaps when vehicles are held at the signal.

A418/A41 roundabout

  • Changing the existing toucan crossing on the A41 Gatehouse Road into a staggered crossing with an island so that the traffic lights for both lanes work on separate signals and reduce the time that vehicles need to wait. This requires the relocation of seven residential parking bays on A41 Gatehouse Road.
  • An unused section of bus lane on the approach to the roundabout will be removed, as well as the removal of a bus stop to improve access for buses into the roundabout.
  • New section of shared use footway and cycleway to link the Pearl Way and Ruby Way routes.
  • This work will be complemented by technology improvement to link and co-ordinate the traffic signals at the roundabout to help to create gaps and improve the flow of traffic. The signals at the Mill Way and Territorial Army (TA) Centre pedestrian crossings will be upgraded and linked.

Public transport

The A418 Oxford Road is an existing Public Priority Transport Corridor with a dedicated inbound bus lane. By easing congestion, the project will reduce delays and speed up bus journey times.

There will be improvements to bus stops along the route, including:

  • a new bus shelter
  • installation of real-time passenger information units providing up to date scheduling information



A consultation period was open from Wednesday 10 July 2019 to Friday 9 August 2019. Plans for the junction and cycleway proposals were shared with the public. This includes an overview of the coordinated package of improvements along the road.

A public exhibition event was held on Thursday 18 July, 2pm to 8pm at the Aylesbury Campus of the Bucks College Group. Following this consultation, responses are summarised in a report to the Cabinet Member for a decision to proceed with the project.


Supporting documents

A418 Consultation Brochure
A418/A41 roundabout
A418/Fowler Road/Churchill Avenue crossroads
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