A412 traffic signal upgrades

About the project

This project will provide mitigation to HS2 construction traffic in the Denham area. It is expected to be completed mid 2019.

The A412 will experience construction traffic whilst HS2 is being built. HS2 Ltd has undertaken an assessment which concluded that traffic signal (traffic light) improvements will help to minimise the impact construction traffic has on the area. HS2 therefore has provided Buckinghamshire County Council with funding to deliver these.



The three junctions of A40/ A412, Old Rectory Lane/ A412 and Moorfield Road/ A412 have been upgraded to provide better management to the corridor.

Phase 1 of the project to link the signals and provide software upgrades has been completed. The scheme will now move to Phase 2 which will be delivery of a CCTV camera on the Moorfield Road/ A412 junction to ensure monitoring of the corridor can take place.

Phase 2 is to install CCTV monitors on the corridor by the end of 2019. This will ensure that changes to signal timings can be made through observed trips


Next steps

Completion and closing down the project.



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