A404/A4155 Westhorpe junction improvements

1/13/2022 9:56:24 AM

We are proposing highway improvements at the A404/ A4155 junction on the outskirts of Marlow. The A404 is a key link managed by National Highways and can be heavily congested, particularly at peak times.

As well as being on the main route into Marlow, the Westhorpe interchange is the primary access to Globe Business Park (GBP) on the eastern side of Marlow. Congestion and queuing along the northbound slip road of the A404 in Marlow is contributing to higher vacancy rates of premises on Globe Business Park.

A partnership of Buckinghamshire Council, Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Globe Business Park Business Improvement District was formed to identify improvements that could address the congestion.

In 2017 a bid to National Highways’ Growth and Housing Fund (GHF) was successful. Since then further funding sources have been secured to address access and congestion problems.



This project aims to:

  • improve the performance of the A404
  • improve the ingress of traffic off the northbound exit slip road into Parkway
  • improve the occupancy rate at Globe Business Park



The A404/ A4155 Westhorpe Junction Improvements consultation began on 7 January 2019 and ended on 1 February 2019.

A series of public exhibitions were held for local residents and businesses to find out about 3 scheme proposals and provide feedback.

The proposals were:

  • a new slip road from the A404 onto Parkway
  • traffic signals
  • reopening a closed access from the A4155 to Marlow International

The proposal for an additional access was not viable and was removed from the project scope in late 2019.


Current Progress

Since public consultation there has been significant design development and traffic modelling to help develop the remaining 2 scheme proposals into the most suitable mitigation measures.

The scope of the current scheme proposal includes:

  • a new segregated left-turn lane with associated highways infrastructure, providing direct access onto Parkway from the A404 northbound exit slip road
  • proposed part-time signalisation, with associated highway infrastructure off the northbound and southbound slip roads from the A404 onto the A4155 Westhorpe Junction (traffic signal controllers and maintenance bays will be provided within the central island of the A404/A4155 Westhorpe Junction)



Buckinghamshire Council has a budget of approximately £3.8 million to spend on the project. This funding has been secured from a variety of sources including £1,187 million from National Highways.


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