Types of road surface

We treat the roads to keep them safe and usable.



The most costly way of treating a road surface. We cut out the old surface, then lay a hot bituminous material. The works can take can take several days or nights under a full road closure, and give the new road over ten years life.

Approx. cost per sq. mtr: £29 to £59


Plane and patch

Inlay surfacing but smaller areas, it can also be used to treat larger areas of road, rather than repairing potholes.

Approx. cost per sq. mtr: £30 to £40


Surface dressing

The most cost-effective and can give the road an extra seven years of life.  It involves spraying the road with hot bitumen then covering with stone chippings which are then rolled into the bitumen.

Approx. cost per sq. mtr: £6 to £12


Micro surfacing

A thin layer of asphalt emulsion with finely crushed stone put on the road to seal any minor defects. It provides a coat that can extend the life of roads and pavements. The new surface is ready for use hours later and can last up to seven years.

Approx. cost per sq. mtr: £10 to £16




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