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Fed up with potholes – we are too!

Government funding cuts and pressures from other services such as social care means there isn’t enough money to pay for all the work which needs doing on our roads.

However, a new single council for Buckinghamshire would save at least £18m per year – money which the new council could decide to put into more road resurfacing.

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Pothole Action Fund

In 2016, Buckinghamshire County Council was awarded £546,000 by the Department for Transport (DfT) as part of the Section 31 Grant funding for the Pothole Action Fund.

This extra funding has enabled Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) to carry out additional highway maintenance work.  Two main types of repair were carried out as part of this scheme – plane and patch and Velocity Jet patching repairs.

The money was not just used to fill existing potholes, but primarily to stop more potholes from forming in the first place, through preventative patching of deteriorating areas of carriageway.

An area in excess of 6,700 square metres of varying depth preventative patching was completed, to prevent potholes from forming.

In addition, 2,551 individual pothole repairs were carried out using Velocity Patching.  

Full details of the amount of additional work completed from this extra funding are as follows:

50mm patching = 4,049m2

100mm patching = 2,228m2

200mm patching = 66m2

50mm overlay = 343m2

100mm overlay = 27m2

Velocity patching repairs = 2551 defects (161m3)

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